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Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners

Manufacturer of Industrial Ultrasonic Power Cleaners for A Wide Variety of Industries

As the premiere manufacturer of industrial ultrasonic cleaning systems, we are proud of the wide variety of industries our equipment serves. Our sonic cleaner designs use the latest technology to deliver the best available precision cleaning. Our industrial ultrasonic parts washers are ideal for those seeking heavy duty industrial grade equipment. Our patented Vibra-bar® ultrasonic transducer technology provides the power you need to get that critical degree of cleanliness you require. Our fully immersible transducers are designed for 24/7 use and operate under even the most extreme conditions.

  • Aerospace, aircraft components & defense components
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Algae Control
  • Automotive component manufacturing--aftermarket
  • Bicycle components
  • Blades--saw, cutting
  • Brass musical instruments--manufacturing & repair
  • Construction
  • Crystal--quartz
  • Dairy products processing
  • Dental: dental instruments, denture manufacturing
  • Electronic & computer technology: PCB, SMT
  • Energy flow-through reactors to improve ethanol
  • Energy: nuclear, coal, etc.
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Equipment manufacturing and maintenance
  • Fabricated siding manufacturing
  • Farm & tractor engine components
  • Figurine and collectables cleaning & refurbishing
  • Fire arms
  • Fire fighter/industrial breathing apparatus
  • Food Processing & Manufacturing
  • Gaming machine component cleaning
  • Golf club cleaning and manufacturing
  • Manufacturing & fabricated machined parts and assemblies
  • Manufacturing--plastics
  • Marine/maritime
  • Metal Components
  • Metal Finishing & surface preparation
  • Military vehicle parts and MIL Spec components
  • Mining-gold extraction
  • Mold & die cleaning
  • Motorsports & racing engine manufacturing & components cleaning
  • Nuclear decontamination
  • Optical: eye glasses, contact lens manufacturing
  • Orthopedics and implants
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Photo processing systems
  • Printing-anilox rolls
  • Pumps, valves and gears
  • Restoration & post-fire cleaning
  • Scuba breathing valves
  • Semi-conductors/electronics
  • Small engine parts repair shops
  • Stencil cleaning
  • Surgical instruments
  • Torque converter aftermarket
  • Vintage auto components
  • Wafers--semi-conductor
  • Window blinds & light louvers
  • Wire cleaning