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Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment Manufacturer 

Founded in 1972, Ultrasonic Power Corporation (UPC) is a leading global ultrasonic cleaning company. We operate in an historic former railroad depot on eight acres located in Freeport, Illinois. All products are “Made in the USA”, durable, industrial-grade precision cleaning equipment. UPC designs, develops, manufactures, distributes and supports our products from this single, technologically robust location. 

With our products and services, we are committed to exceptional precision industrial ultrasonic cleaning and liquid processing solutions. We focus our operations, to drive efficiency and innovation, yielding high quality, reliable state of the art performance -- bringing speed, agility and flexibility to every project.

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Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment Manufacturer

Since 1972

UPCorp is committed to providing exceptional precision industrial ultrasonic cleaning and liquid processing solutions to our customers by leveraging the latest in technology. Whatever your requirements for a commercial ultrasonic cleaner, we can provide you with the exact solution you need.

Patented Technology

Unique technology featuring Simultaneous Multi-Frequency® precision industrial ultrasonic cleaning equipment provides versatile performance from the simultaneous presence of many ultrasonic frequencies within the cleaning chamber.

Superior Vibra-bar® Transducer technology in operating frequencies of:

  • 25 kHz - for cleaning heavy parts
  • 40 kHz - typical cleaning frequency for 95% of objects
  • 68 kHz - buffed soft metal components
  • 170 kHz - highly sensitive components

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Full Line Of Precision Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning Products & Accessories

  • Standard Bench Top - Two to 52 gallons
  • Standard Portable console systems - 22, 39, 90, 135 and 204 gallons
    (largest standard system on market)
  • Custom Engineered ultrasonic cleaning systems - up to 2000 gallons
  • Custom Integrated multi-stage systems - wash, rinse and dry systems
  • Material Handling Systems - automated or manual lifting gantry

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World Class Ultrasonic Warranty

As a “Made in the USA” ultrasonic equipment company, we leverage the latest in technology to ensure our customers get the most effective and efficient ultrasonic cleaning machine solutions. Our products are built with highly durable stainless steel and will outlive and outperform anything else on the market. We’re so confident, we offer a world class ultrasonic warranty!

Industrial Leading 10-5-2 

  • 10 Year Guarantee on Vibra-bar® Bond 
  • 5 Year Guarantee on Ultrasonic Generator 
  • 2 Year Guarantee on Transducer Array 
  • 2 Year Guarantee on Sheet Metal Defects and Workmanship 
  • UPC's Commitment to Quality is Reflected by the Integrity of Our World Class Warranty 

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Our Services and Support 

Working with us is a seamless process, from the moment you contact our team of experts to receipt of your precision cleaning system.It doesn't stop there. As well as our industry-leading warranty, we provide a range of post-purchase support and maintenance services. 

Free Cleaning Test 

Send us a sample for free testing in our lab. We’ll report back showing how we ran the test, suggestions for improving your cleaning process, and recommended machinery.  

After using our test serviceyoull understand the benefits we offer... seeing is believing! 

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Financing and Leasing 

Wehave partnered with Precision Leasing, Inc. to offer our customers a variety of simple leasing options to assist with the process of procuring an industrial ultrasonic cleaner.  

They offer a variety of leasing options and can provide a speedy quote on the estimated monthly payment. 

Read about the financing options 

Rentals and Used Equipment 

We offer a range of our ultrasonic cleaners for rent on a 30-day try-before-you-buy basis or as a long-term rental option.We also offer used and refurbished ultrasonic cleaners and cleaning tanks for purchase. New and used machines are all covered by our comprehensive warranty. 

Read about our rental service and view the used equipment that's currently for sale 



Our priority is tolook after our customers. We offer: 

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