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Custom Engineered Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems

Ultrasonic cleaning needs aren’t the same for everyone.

Can’t find exactly what you need among Ultrasonic Power Corporation’s wide array of high-quality, high-tech, high-performing products? Let Ultrasonic Power Corporation design, develop and deliver custom ultrasonic cleaners that meet your exact requirements.

If your project demands higher cleanliness requirements, unusual sizes, or unique process flows, Ultrasonic Power Corporation can design and build custom quality crafted and rigidly tested ultrasonic cleaning systems that meet or exceed those requirements.

Ultrasonic Power Corporation’s patented Vibra-bar® ultrasonic transducers provide the power you need to get that critical degree of cleanliness you require. Our fully immersible transducers are designed for 24/7 use and operate under even the most extreme conditions.

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Custom Engineered Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems

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Key Benefits of a Custom Ultrasonic Cleaner

If you can’t seem to find the ideal ultrasonic cleaner, you may be tempered to simply forgo this method and opt for alternative cleaning methods. But then you’d be missing out on what the ultrasonic cleaning process has to offer. A custom ultrasonic tank provides the ideal solution.

Ultrasonic cleaning involves submerging an object in a cleaning solution and allowing ultrasonic waves to remove any dirt and debris. While it’s a gentle process suitable for delicate equipment, the force produced by the transducers provides aggressive cleaning and the removal of even stubborn contaminants.

What’s more, the ultrasonic waves can reach every part of the object, in particular those hard-to-reach spots that are missed with manual cleaning.

Why Choose a UPCorp Custom Ultrasonic Tank?

At UPCorp, we work with each customer to ensure we design the exact model that will satisfy their needs now and in the future. Each custom ultrasonic cleaner is designed in the USA, constructed from the highest quality stainless steel, and built to last. We offer competitive warranties and can ship almost anywhere globally.

While there are units at custom, there are many key features we include as standard to ensure you get the best possible cleaning results. All thanks are fitted with superior UPC “Vibra-bar®” transducers and patented generators. Variable sweep eliminates hot spots and dead zones and all units are equipped with digital controls.

Wondering if our products are right for you? Simply get in touch today to speak with one of our experts.


Ultrasonic Power Corporation offers high-performing multi-stage automated ultrasonic cleaning systems that combine heavy-duty construction with high-tech control to deliver an extraordinary level of cleanliness.

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Multi-Stage Automated Ultrasonic Cleaners

How can I order a custom ultrasonic cleaning system?

If you are interested in the highest quality industrial grade precision washing equipment available, we invite you to review our website and find the line of cleaning systems that will work best for you. From laboratory glassware to machined parts to microelectronic circuits to firearms and brass instruments, we sell a premium quality ultrasonic cleaning system that will suit your very specific needs.

What considerations for a tank size (including depth) for optimal cleaning?

For economic reasons first and performance, tank size should be just enough to fit the part load in. Extra volume will mean more power required to reach cavitation and be more costly than perhaps needed.

Why Choose Ultrasonic Power Corp?

As a “Made in the USA” ultrasonic equipment company, we leverage the latest in technology to ensure our customers get the most effective and efficient ultrasonic cleaning machine solutions. Our products are built with highly durable stainless steel and will outlive and outperform anything else on the market. We provide fit-for-purpose technical assistance, components for preventative maintenance, training, and other support solutions. Our portfolio of products and services differentiates us as an innovative brand with the utmost integrity.

Working with UPCorp is a seamless process, from the moment you contact our team of experts to receipt of your precision cleaning system. And it doesn't stop there as we provide an industry-leading warranty as well as a range of post-purchase support and maintenance services. Find out today how UPCorp can help you improve your operations with a superior industrial ultrasonic cleaner.

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Send your parts to UPCorp for free evaluation and sample processing in our testing lab. You'll get them back promptly with a detailed process sheet showing how tests were conducted, suggestions for improving current processes, and recommended machinery. After our ultrasonic cleaning test services you will understand the benefits we offer... seeing is believing!

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Need assistance in procuring your new industrial ultrasonic cleaner? We offer a variety of leasing options and can provide you with a speedy quote on your estimated monthly payment.

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