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Multi-Tank Ultrasonic Cleaners

Ultrasonic Power Corporation’s multi-stage ultrasonic cleaning systems are suitable for use in a range of industries including aerospace, medical, orthopedics, and manufacturing. These cleaners have a number of advantages over traditional cleaning methods, such as being more effective at removing dirt and debris, and less likely to damage delicate items. Our systems leverage cutting-edge ultrasonic technology to provide a quick, thorough clean. Our multi-stage ultrasonic cleaning system range includes an ultrasonic wash and various rinse alternatives, as well as an optional drying stage. Our experts are ready to help you find the ideal system for your needs.

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Large Multi-Stage Ultrasonic Cleaning System

Choosing a Multi-Stage Ultrasonic Cleaning System

Looking for a multi-stage ultrasonic cleaning machine but not sure what setup you need? UPCorp offers a suite of multi-tank solutions with adaptable designs to suit every use case. Choose from a manually operated or automated system and decide if you need a modular unit, encased console, or benchtop model.

Select Your Tank Options and Sizes

Tank options include 

  • Spray (ultrasonic or non-ultrasonic)
  • Immersion (ultrasonic or non-ultrasonic)
  • Cascading (ultrasonic or non-ultrasonic)
  • Drying (air blow-off station or hot air dryer)
  • Flammable solvent (IPA)


While we offer standard tank sizes, we can produce a custom size if needed. Looking at 4-stage ultrasonic cleaning systems? Cleaners can be customized for as many stages as needed. Contact us today to find out how we can design a system tailored to your unique needs.


Large Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners

Why Choose a UPCorp multi-tank ultrasonic cleaning machine?

When it comes to finding the ideal multi-stage ultrasonic cleaning system, UPCorp is the best in the business. Our cleaners are reliable, durable, and easy to use, and we offer custom systems to meet the requirements of your specific applications. All of our products are made in the USA from high-quality stainless steel, and our patented generators provide unbeatable cleaning power. Plus, we offer a competitive warranty to ensure you’re fully satisfied! Simply get in touch to find out how we can help.

Multi-Stage Systems for Ultrasonic Passivation

Passivation plays a key role in boosting the anti-corrosive properties of stainless steel. Ultrasonic passivation using a nitric acid or citric acid solution can help ensure the structural integrity and safety of the steel in its final use. This additional step in the ultrasonic cleaning process can be cumbersome to accommodate in a single tank system. A multi-stage unit with a tank for each step—including washing, rinsing, passivation, and drying—will dramatically improve the efficiency of the whole process.

More On Passivation

Frequently Asked Questions

When is a multi-tank ultrasonic cleaning machine required?

Multi-stage ultrasonic systems are ideal for assembly line style cleaning processes, particularly where ultra-precision cleaning is required.

How does a multi-tank ultrasonic cleaner work?

Multi-stage systems comprise multiple tanks, each responsible for a different stage in the cleaning process, for example, washing, rinsing, rust inhibitor application, or drying. Baskets containing parts are transferred from tank to tank, either manually or via automation.

What are common applications for a multi-tank ultrasonic cleaning machine?

A multi-chamber console system is particularly suitable when zero-residue cleaning is required, for example, cleaning aerospace parts, manufacturing equipment, and medical devices, including orthopedics and implants.

What configurations are possible with a multi-chamber ultrasonic cleaner?

Our standard multi-stage system consists of three stages: pre-wash, wash, and rinse, but there are multiple configuration options available. For example, for stainless steel, you may require an additional rust inhibitor application stage, in which case 4-stage ultrasonic cleaning systems are most suitable.

What is the difference between automated and manual systems?

In manually-operated machines, operators move the baskets from tank to tank, whereas an automated system doesn’t require outside assistance for this task.

What is the benefit of a cascade rinse system?

A cascade rinse system reduces water consumption when multiple rinse steps are required. Instead of using clean water in each rinse tank, clean water flows into the final tank in the system and cascades into the previous rinse tank (in the opposite direction to the workflow).

Why Choose Ultrasonic Power Corp?

As a “Made in the USA” ultrasonic equipment company, we leverage the latest in technology to ensure our customers get the most effective and efficient ultrasonic cleaning machine solutions. Our products are built with highly durable stainless steel and will outlive and outperform anything else on the market. We provide fit-for-purpose technical assistance, components for preventative maintenance, training, and other support solutions. Our portfolio of products and services differentiates us as an innovative brand with the utmost integrity.

Working with UPCorp is a seamless process, from the moment you contact our team of experts to receipt of your precision cleaning system. And it doesn't stop there as we provide an industry-leading warranty as well as a range of post-purchase support and maintenance services. Find out today how UPCorp can help you improve your operations with a superior industrialultrasonic cleaner.

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Send your parts to UPCorp for free evaluation and sample processing in our testing lab. You'll get them back promptly with a detailed process sheet showing how tests were conducted, suggestions for improving current processes, and recommended machinery. After our ultrasonic cleaning test services you will understand the benefits we offer... seeing is believing!

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Need assistance in procuring your new industrial ultrasonic cleaner? We offer a variety of leasing options and can provide you with a speedy quote on your estimated monthly payment.

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