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Large Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems

Ultrasonic Power Corporation offers the most advanced large ultrasonic cleaning systems in the industry. Combining state-of-the-art technology, heavy-duty construction, and a wide range of options, UPC’s heavy-duty ultrasonic cleaners deliver the powerful performance you need each and every day in the exact way you want.

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Key Benefits of an Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner

When you have large parts to clean, it’s easy to assume you won’t find an ultrasonic cleaner big enough to offer effective cleaning. But settling for traditional cleaning methods means missing out on a host of benefits. Ultrasonic cleaning provides thorough cleaning that no other method can provide.

By utilizing a large ultrasonic cleaner, you can submerge your entire item in the cleaning fluid and allow the power of ultrasonic waves to do its magic. Forces produced by immersible transducers reach every region of the submerged object, removing all contaminants and leaving the item pristine clean.

Why Choose an UPCorp Large Ultrasonic Cleaner?

At UPCorp, we ensure that every unit we produce meets our incredibly high standards. Designed and manufactured in the USA, our systems are constructed from premium-grade, corrosion-resistant stainless steel and are backed by our competitive warranty. We deliver both nationwide and internationally.

Our systems come packed with features that contribute to high-performance including Vibra-bar® transducers, patented 5300 or 5400 series generators, and sweep circuitry. And of course, we ensure practicality with key functionality such as digital controls and an easy-to-clean design.

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No Job Too Big or Small

Ultrasonic Power Corporation’s large ultrasonic cleaning systems are constructed to handle any job. The systems have capacities of 39 gallons, 90 gallons, 135 gallon and 204 gallons. The 204-gallon option is the largest standard console system available in the industry. Our large ultrasonic cleaning systems deliver the same results from the smallest contact lens to the largest aircraft part - and anything and in-between.

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Large Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems

What size capacity is the large ultrasonic cleaning systems?

Ultrasonic Power Corporation’s large ultrasonic cleaning systems come in 39, 90, 135, or 204 gallon capacity. The 204-gallon option is the largest standard console system available in the industry.

What is an ultrasonic cleaning console system?

A console system is a large, portable, self-contained industrial ultrasonic tank designed to handle large loads. These heavy-duty ultrasonic cleaners are mounted on heavy-duty castors, making them easy to move between locations.

What are the advantages to a large capacity ultrasonic cleaner?

These systems are available in many sizes from 39 gallons to over 204 gallons. They are built to handle industrial environments using heavy-duty stainless steel and include UPC’s patented generators and transducers. They are the most powerful and reliable systems with the best warranty available. And they are in stock ready to configure for fast turnaround.

What options are available on a large ultrasonic cleaning system?

Common options available include filtration, sparger/weir systems, digital controls, Sonic Touch®II (HMI controls), lift systems, multiple frequencies, companion rinse and dryer systems and automation packages. Contact our sales staff for recommendations.

What is Sonic Touch®II?

Sonic Touch II is a multifunctional digital panel for controlling and viewing system functions like time, temperature, 7-day heat time, pump and filter, ultrasonic intensity, low liquid level and the SOVI® diagnostic system. SONIC TOUCH®II also adds “Open Technologies” which includes functions like text messaging and e-mail. This provides the unique ability to constantly monitor the system and send alerts to a supervisor or even the manufacturer (if desired) for scheduled maintenance or troubleshooting.