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Cerakote and Ultrasonics: The Perfect Degreasing Alternative to Acetone

Ultrasonic power cleaning is a great alternative to acetone for degreasing parts before applying Cerakote®.

Cerakote is the global leader in ceramic coatings for a multitude of applications, including 3D printed parts, aircraft interiors and propulsion systems, firearms, fitness equipment and more.

If you’re a Cerakote Applicator, you know that a perfect finish requires perfect preparation. Parts must be degreased to remove oils and contaminants – traditionally, by soaking in acetone. But acetone is costly and highly flammable. It brings health and safety risks to the workplace and disposal is a hassle.

Other, more environmentally-friendly and safe detergents aren’t always effective. But there is another option. Ultrasonic power cleaners offer a green, efficient, and cost-effective solution to degreasing parts before applying Cerakote.

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Degreasing with Ultrasonic Power Cleaning Instead of Acetone

Ultrasonic power cleaners remove grease and other contaminants from parts. They work by sending ultrasound waves through a liquid causing microscopic bubbles to form and burst, driving high-speed jets of liquid onto the target object. This forms a scrubbing action that cleans parts quickly and effectively.

Using a specially designed detergent in an ultrasonic cleaner makes the process even quicker and more effective. The detergent loosens the oils and grease on the parts, increasing the cleaning power and speed.

Compared to acetone, ultrasonic cleaning works faster and first time – no more repeated degreasing cycles to fix areas that didn’t get cleaned properly.

Ultrasonic cleaners are controlled by factors such as soundwave frequency, temperature, and detergent type. The cleaning process can be tailored to produce the highest quality results, whatever the size, form, or condition of the parts to be cleaned.

Using an ultrasonic power cleaner for degreasing brings immediate benefits:

  • No more expensive acetone
  • Fast, predictable, reliable cleaning process
  • Safer work environment
  • No complicated and costly disposal process

Why Choose a UPC Ultrasonic Cleaner for Degreasing?

If you choose to invest in ultrasonic power cleaning, it makes sense to buy a high quality cleaner.

At UPC, we’re renowned for the superior craftsmanship of our high-performance systems. Our ultrasonic cleaners are designed and produced in the USA using premium-quality stainless steel.

Features of UPC ultrasonic power cleaners:

  • Patented generators
  • Vibra-bar transducers and Simultaneous Multi-Frequency capability
  • Detergents designed specifically for our cleaners
  • Adjustable output power controls
  • Sloped tank bottoms for easy draining and cleanup
  • Durable, reliable, easy to use
  • Competitive warranty and global delivery

Not sure what model to choose for degreasing? Get in touch today and one of our experts will ensure you have the ideal system to fit your application.

How do I know ultrasonic cleaning works as well as acetone for degreasing?

Official Cerakote trainers have compared degreasing with acetone and degreasing with a high-quality UPC ultrasonic cleaner and Simple Green® detergent. The results were indistinguishable. And we know the results can be even better when using our own specially designed detergent.

What size cleaner do I need for degreasing parts?

UPC ultrasonic power cleaners come in a range of sizes to suit most applications. We can also build custom cleaners for extra-large parts or to suit specialized cleaning processes.

For degreasing firearms, our 6 gallon and  9 gallon models are the most popular. We can advise on the most suitable size of cleaner for your application.

What’s the best detergent for degreasing?

We’ve scientifically designed our own detergent to work with our cleaners. Other detergents will work effectively but using our standard Sonic Power Degreaser or our heavy-duty Sonic Power Degreaser will give the best results in the fastest time.

Our detergents should be diluted at a rate of 3-10%. Follow the product instructions for the rate and mixing method.

How often do I need to change the cleaning solution?

You can use the same cleaning solution many times. The exact number depends on your application, the detergent used and the soiling on the parts. As an example, a cleaning solution used to degrease firearms can typically clean between 150 and 200 guns before you need to replace the solution.

How long does degreasing take?

The time that the degreasing process takes depends on your application, the detergent used and the soiling on the parts. An ultrasonic power cleaner typically cleans items in around 3-5 minutes or up to 10-15 minutes for heavily soiled items.

Do I need to rinse items after degreasing?

We recommend rinsing items in hot water after degreasing to remove any traces of detergent.

What materials can I clean with an ultrasonic power cleaner?

You can clean most metals in an ultrasonic power cleaner, as well as many types of plastic. It’s important to use the right detergent and temperature as some materials can be affected by high temperatures and certain cleaning solutions. The power of the cleaner also needs to be adjusted for the application so that delicate materials and items such as electronic components aren’t damaged.

We can advise on whether it’s safe to use ultrasonics to clean your items and the best configuration for your application.

Can I clean parts that already have a Cerakote finish?

Yes! As well as degreasing parts in preparation for a Cerakote application, ultrasonic power cleaners are a great way to clean items that have a Cerakote finish, such as firearms and fitness equipment.