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Large Ultrasonic Tank Cleaner with Immersibles

590 Gallon Industrial Ultrasonic Wash Rinse Cleaning System

Digital programmable timer and thermostat provides accurate control.  Multiple immersible units and immersion heaters provide the power needed for robust cleaning.  Faster heat up times and reduced evaporation are achieved by multi-piece lift off lids.  An integrated filtration system removes sediment and contamination, prolonging the life of the cleaning solution.

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Large Ultrasonic Tank with Immersibles

Why Use an Ultrasonic Tank Cleaner with Immersibles

The ultrasonic cleaning process relies on the movement of ultrasonic waves and the formation of bubbles within the cleaning solution. By a process called cavitation, these bubbles burst with enough force to remove contaminants from every part of the surface of a submerged object.

One of the key concerns with a larger tank is that it will be difficult to evenly distribute the ultrasonic force and achieve efficient cleaning. One way we can overcome this is by fighting a large tank with multiple immersible units. This allows us to provide enough properly distributed power for thorough cleaning.

Why Choose a UPCorp Ultrasonic Tank Cleaner?

UPCorp is the number one choice for all custom ultrasonic cleaning solutions. We offer premium features including simultaneous multi-frequency®, UPC Vibra-bar® transducers, and patented generators to provide premium cleaning solutions.

All ultrasonic tank cleaner models are USA-manufactured utilizing high-grade stainless steel for the utmost durability. We also include a range of features to ensure ease of use, such as heavy-duty locking casters and a sloped bottom for simple draining and cleaning. Backed by a competitive warranty, our products outperform all others on the market.

Considering which ultrasonic tank cleaner might suit your needs? Get in touch with us now for expert advice.

Inside Dimensions95" x 40" x 32" D
Overall Dimensions108" x 52" x 50" H
Frequency40kHz standard (25, 68, 170 kHz available)
Power Requirements240V\3P
Ultrasonic Power8000 W Average / 16,000 Peak
Heat PowerWash 7500 W / Rinse 7500 W
Caster Feature6 Heavy Duty locking
Construction MaterialStainlessSteel
ControlsDigital Timer and Digital Temperature