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Ultrasonic Immersible Bottom Mounted Transducers

Ultrasonic Immersible Transducer

Deep cleaning ultrasonic immersible transducers give you the ability to add the ultrasonic advantage to your existing cleaning application. We bond and wire the immersible transducer inside a durable stainless steel container, and seal it with a stainless steel lid. This gives you the ability to "drop-in" ultrasonic bottom mounted transducers to an existing tank or application.

  • Heavy duty 316L stainless steel- to insure long life and performance
  • Installation hardware included- to insure ease of installation
  • Heli-arc welded
  • Pressure tested
  • Match with patented 5300 or 5400 series generators
  • Custom sizes available- contact our knowledgeable sales engineers for assistance

UPC manufactures engineer­ed equipment that fulfills the broad spectrum of perform­ance requirements dictated by the various cleaning applica­tions. The varied frequency requirements are met by UPC’s "Simultaneous Multi-Frequency®" which insures constantly uniform and thorough cleaning..

The exclusive UPC features of "Simultaneous Multi-Frequency®" provide the most versatile equipment available on the market. The UPC "Vibra-Bar®" transducer module and generator module combine to provide equipment having maximum reli­ability and simplified field maintenance.

Ultrasonic Power Corporation facilities provide one source for all phases of industrial ultrasonic equipment. All of our products have been designed and developed by UPC engineers and are manufactured by UPC personnel. Backed by UPC's industry leading 10yr/2yr Warranty.

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