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Ultrasonic Power Corporation Testimonials

Dana Hofer

"Here at Dana Hofer Brass Instrument Repair in Chicagoland, we use the 90 Gallon Capacity Ultrasonic Cleaner. In 8 years this machine has cleaned over 8000 instruments. The sonic cleaner is easy to maintain, and is so efficient that it speeds up the cleaning process, allowing us to service over 100 instruments a month to a high level of cleanliness. I look forward to using the Ultrasonic Cleaner for many years to come." 

Dana Hofer
Dana Hofer Brass Instrument Repair, Inc. 

Derrick Murphy

"The alto ultrasonic cleaner has proven to be a great investment and has exceeded all of my expectations. It is simple to use and doesn't take up too much space. It has proven to be an invaluable resource in keeping our smaller instruments and mouthpieces clean and safe for student use. I wish I would have purchased one years ago."

Derrick Murphy
Director of Bands
Fine Arts Department Chair
Burlington Community HS

Hewitt’ Music with his ultrasonic cleaning machine

Hewitt’ Music purchased our ultrasonic cleaning machine back in 2009. We have since repaired thousands of instruments across southeast Michigan.The original ultrasonic cleaning machine is a true asset to any successful repair shop.

Best Regards,
Phil Hewitt
Hewitt's Music Inc.

"Brighten your home with music"

"It is one of my best purchases ever. It's getting quite a workout here and is performing better than I even expected."

Harry Robertson
Robertson's Music

Desert Winds Music

"My ultrasonic cleaner is one of the best tooling investments I've made. My only regrets are that I didn't have the space for the large one and that I didn't buy it 25 years earlier. There's not a day that goes by that it's not in use at and we're only a 2 person shop! It paid for itself the first year!!"

Gerry Evoniuk
Desert Winds Music, Inc
Tempe, AZ

“I have a small repair shop outside of Portland, OR. I bought one of the units, and I absolutely love it. It was the best investment I have ever made in my entire career. It has saved me time, money, effort, and energy.”

Lindy Wunn
Wunn Music Repair
Portland, OR

Sage Music Service

"With the introduction of our ultrasonic cleaner, we discovered the best way to serve our clients. Not only does it do a job with brass, it also works well on woodwinds. It gets the "Gunk" out and has proven to be more sanitary for those who play band instruments."

Gary Sage Owner
Sage Music Service
205 West North Street
Heber Springs, Arkansas 72543

Stateline Inst. Repair

"Chem Clean" and "Horn Flush" are jobs that are no longer available at S.I.R. The Ultrasonic Power Corporation has come up with "a better mouse trap." Your sonic cleaning system is much faster, and does a much better job.”

Thanks for the help UPC.

Jerry Disney
Stateline Inst. Repair, Inc.
South Beloit, IL

PS - The picture shows our Sonic unit, and it's operator - Clay.

Pope Instrument Repair

Ultrasonic Power Corporation Tank

A tool that does the job better, faster and safer - what's not to like?

To say that I am fully satisfied with my tank is a huge understatement. I switched from using acids and degreasers in the hope of finding something environmentally friendly - and my Ultrasonic Tank is that and so much more

If you're still using chemicals for cleaning, you're still in the ecological dark ages.

Kenneth Pope
Pope Instrument Repair

Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts

Flemings Music Shop

"In the 50 plus years I've been in this business I've used cyanide, muriatic acid, bright dip and Etch-Klenz. UltraSonic cleaning has them all beat for ease of use, great results, and environmental safety."

Bob Fleming

Flemings Music Shop
Fresno California

Tigard Music

Yes, it holds this tuba. No, it doesn't bother the dog's ears! (I think a number of potential clients bring their pets to work) And yes, it's easy to move around when filled--we don't usually operate it where it's shown.

Our experience:
  1. It's fast. Parts are cleaner in a fraction of the time, with little or no scrubbing.
  2. It's versatile and safe on brass, nickel, silverplate, clarinet keys and plastic; the entire staff has sparkling jewelry and clean eyeglasses!
  3. It's easy to clean in about 20 minutes. No soaking in yesterday's valve oil! Filters maintain solution quality between changes.
  4. It's better on the environment and personnel. Chemicals are benign and very dilute.
  5. It's ergonomic; moves easily and is back-friendly.

Pam Shellenberger (with Tim Rorabaugh and Bridgette)

Tigard Music, Vancouver, Washington

Jerry Gilbert

I hope it is not too late for you to include me on your testimonial wall in Portland for the NAPBIRT conference. Photo is attached to this email.

Thank you sir! I have had nothing but positive results and rave reviews from my clients. I'll tell you more in Portland.

Jerry Gilbert

Haines Music

We have had our ultrasonic cleaner for about 9 months and we are very happy with its performance. We are especially impressed with the way it cleans the hard to reach areas of rotor casings in French horns and tubas, and valve ports and knuckles. The environmentally friendly solutions are a big plus also. Its speed and ease of use makes for a real time savings. And we all know that time is money. We highly recommend your ultrasonic cleaner.

Rob Ensinger
Haines Music

Thomas Music

I have attached a photo of my father, Russ Thomas, and me with our cleaner.

Here is our testimonial:

  • Very fast - 3 minutes - cleans all the "nooks and crannies" because the entire instrument is submerged in the tank. Cleans the INSIDE and OUTSIDE of the instrument.
  • The cleaning solution is environmentally safe so there are no dangerous chemicals that may splash.
  • Our small shop has experienced a substantial increase in business from individuals and school districts because they want their instruments thoroughly cleaned.
  • Outstanding "tech support" provided by Ultrasonic Power Corp and Dave Arata.
  • We've had our unit for almost 3 years and it never ceases to amaze us when we watch what comes out of these instruments as they are being cleaned.
  • The cost of the machine was recovered in less than one year!

Thomas Music, Rochester, NY

The Saxophone Place

"Watching the cleaning action for ten seconds will convince you of what the machine will do for your company. We are a small company but would not consider operating daily without the Ultrasonic Cleaning machine. Brass instruments will last longer and taking off buffing rouge has never been easier."

Joe, Rita, Perry
The Saxophone Place
Tupelo, MS

"At Vermont Musical Instrument Repair we have been using the ultrasonic cleaning machine from Ultrasonic Power Corporation since 2002. Not only does it do a superior job, but it has allowed us to discontinue the use of some potentially hazardous products reducing health risks and disposal costs."

Jeff Vovakes
Vermont Music

“We have had our ultrasonic cleaner for 20 years, and it is still working”

Noreen Garza
US Navy