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Ultrasonic Cleaning Generators

At the heart of every precision cleaning job is a tough, durable ultrasonic generator. Ultrasonic Power Corporation’s high-quality, high-performing ultrasonic vibration generators deliver the critical power you need to help clean products of any shape and size in the most extreme conditions.

All Ultrasonic Power Corporation patented ultrasonic generators utilize solid state circuitry to power our patented Vibra-bar® transducers, and feature modulation sweep and power intensity control technology.

These ultrasonic generators matched with our Vibra-bar® transducers can be used with either our own ultrasonic cleaning systems or with systems of your own design. Multiple generators can be banked to deliver enough power to handle tanks as large as 2000 gallons.

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Providing Plenty of Power

Ultrasonic Power Corporation’s ultrasonic generators are available in a range of power options:

  • 5300 Series (Basic Version)
  • 5400 Series (Advanced Version/ PLC Contollable)
  • Frequencies (25kHz, 40kHz, 68kHz, 170kHz)
  • Power (250W, 500W, 750W, 1000W)
  • Voltage (120V, 240V)
  • TUV certification (UL/CSA)

Built to last

Ultrasonic Power Corporation’s ultrasonic generators are designed and built to ensure 24-7 operations in industrial environments for long-lasting performance.

Perfect product for you

The power intensity control on all Ultrasonic Power Corporation ultrasonic generators provides maximum flexibility, allowing you to clean small delicate items, large bulk items and anything in between. Whatever industry you’re in and whatever you need cleaned, Ultrasonic Power Corporation has a ultrasonic generator and Vibra-bar® transducer in combination to help provide optimal, precision cleaning.

FAQs: Questions? We have your answers

  • What is an ultrasonic generator?

    • An ultrasonic generator provides the specific power and frequency required to power transducers. High-end industrial generators control intensity and sweep, and can operate reliably in harsh conditions.
  • What are ultrasonic waves?

    • Ultrasonic cleaner waves are sound waves transmitted above 20,000 Hz (20 kHz or 20,000 cycles per second), or higher than the frequency detectable by humans. Sound waves are created by the vibration of an object, which causes the air molecules around it to vibrate. These vibrations cause our eardrums to vibrate, which the brain then interprets as sound. When the original vibration is very fast, so are the sound waves, and the pitch of the sound created is too high for the human ear to hear.

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