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Standard Three Stage Automated Cleaning System

Standard Features

This is a high performance, affordable, automated ultrasonic cleaning system designed and manufactured by UPC in Freeport, Illinois. This three station automated system consists of your choice between digital bench top models BT 60, BT 130, or BT 330 ultrasonic wash system, a digital model spray over immersion rinse system and a hot air dryer system with integrated high performance blow-off system. The system utilizes a rugged, expandable 80/20 modular aluminum frame. Standard baskets are passed through the cleaning stages by an automated overhead carrier. The system includes a load and unload station with basket positioners and sensors and will clean multiple baskets simultaneously. System is controlled by Sonic Touch®II a highly advanced HMI system developed by Ultrasonic Power Corporation.

This system is engineered to use off-the-shelf technology. All of the tanks are based on standard UPC bench tops that can be removed and replaced making this system easy to assemble and maintain.

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Standard Three Stage Automated Cleaning System


BT 60BT 130BT 330
Inside Dimensions11"x14"x11"D14"x20"x14"D18"x24"x18"D
Overall Dimensions18"x15"x14"H24"x18"x17"H22"x28"21"H
Frequency40kHz standard (25, 68, 170 kHz available)40kHz standard (25, 68, 170 kHz available)40kHz standard (25, 68, 170 kHz available)
Power Requirements240V240V240V
Ultrasonic Power500W Average / 1000W Peak1000W Average / 2000W Peak1500W Average / 3000W Peak
Heat Power500W1000W2000W
Construction MaterialStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless Steel
ControlsDigital TemperatureDigital TemperatureDigital Temperature

Automation PLC

  • Transporting baskets through process
  • Ultrasonic wash time
  • Wash agitation (if selected)
  • Rinse time
  • Rinse DI fill time
  • Rinse agitation (if selected)
  • Rinse spray time
  • Dryer lid open/close
  • Blow-off time
  • Dryer time
  • Load and unload table sensors
  • Unload alarm if basket is not removed

Sonic Touch®II 

Advanced touch screen controls featuring VNC (iOS and Android) monitoring and control and UPC's newly patented LCS (cavitation level sensing) technology

Sonic Touch®II
Sonic Touch® II Features
  • Countdown Timer for Ultrasonic operation
  • 7-day programmable Timer for Heating system
  • 7-day programmable Timer for Pump and filter system
  • 7-day programmable Timer for Oil skimmer system
  • Sweep Control for the Generator
  • Elapsed Time Meter for ultrasonic Power monitoring
  • Elapsed Time Meter for heating system monitoring
  • Elapsed Time Meter for pump and filter system monitoring
  • Elapsed Time Meter for oil skimmer system monitoring
  • Patented LCS (Liquid Caviation Sensor) display- monitors cavitation activity levels for validation functions
  • Frequency Display- displays frequency output for individual generators
  • Power Output Display- displays accumulative output relative to number of generators
  • Ultrasonic generator power output indicator alarm
  • Ultrasonic generator power output indicator alarm log
  • Data Recorder- continuous recording of system status in real time. Records while machine is on. Data can be stored on flash drives.
  • Email/ SMS functions- can provide email or text notices for maintenance schedules or alerts selected by supervisor
  • VNC Control Technology- Android/iOS capability using a VNC app for full system monitoring and control
  • Password protected control for Level of User (Operator/Supervisor)
  • Preventative Maintenance Timer/Schedule function
  • SOVI ® (Sonic Output Validation Indicator) diagnostic system- validates operating condition of the system. Error code indicates fault.