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Ultrasonic Restoration Cleaning

Coping with a fire or flood can be traumatic and disruptive for any business. Restoring or replacing equipment is costly and can delay the recovery process.

Many restoration companies are turning to ultrasonic cleaning as the most efficient and cost-effective way to help businesses minimize downtime and resume normal operations:

  • Cleaning damaged items takes minutes instead of weeks
  • Insurance companies love that the cost is far lower than buying new items
  • Businesses can speed up the recovery process, knowing their equipment has been thoroughly cleaned – however complex, delicate, or damaged it was!

At UPC, we know how important restoration and remediation work is for businesses recovering from disasters. We offer a range of ultrasonic cleaners and products that can make this difficult time a whole lot easier.

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Ultrasonic Restoration Cleaning

Meeting the Challenges of a Disaster

Contact with fire and water can cause severe damage to industrial and professional equipment:

  • Soot particles from fire or silt from floods can penetrate deep into crevices, blind holes, and recessed areas
  • Water from floods or fire extinguishers can cause discoloration, rusting, and other physical damage
  • Toxic chemicals released by fire or water can contaminate equipment
  • Damaged items can retain moisture and turn into breeding grounds for molds and bacteria

Ultrasonic cleaning is a fast and thorough way to remove contamination and return equipment to operational use.

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Why Ultrasonic Cleaning Works for Restoration

Ultrasonic cleaners use ultrasound waves to create microscopic cavitation bubbles in a cleaning solution. The bubbles implode, creating a scrubbing action that removes contaminates from objects. The tiny bubbles reach hard-to-access areas, ensuring every part of an item is cleaned.

The ultrasound frequency determines the size and power of the bubbles – smaller bubbles are gentle and can reach tiny spaces, larger bubbles are more powerful.

Configuring parameters such as the ultrasound frequency, power, temperature, and cleaning fluid ensures optimum results for any cleaning challenge.

Ultrasonic cleaning is an incredibly efficient, effective, and versatile solution for restoration and remediation work.

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No Job Too Big or Too Small

Ultrasonic Power Corporation’s ultrasonic cleaning systems are constructed to handle any job. From six ounces to 2000+ gallons these systems are engineered and manufactured to meet your specifications. Our ultrasonic cleaning systems deliver the same repeatable performance from the smallest machined part to the largest printed part - and everything in between.

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Multi Stage Ultrasonic Wash Rinse RP Dip

What size cleaner do I need for restoration cleaning?

UPC ultrasonic cleaners come in a range of sizes to suit most applications. We can also build custom cleaners for extra-large parts or to suit specialized cleaning processes. We can advise on the most suitable size and type of cleaner for your application.

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What’s the best detergent for restoring damaged items?

We’ve scientifically designed our own detergents to work with our cleaners. The right detergent depends on the type of material and the contaminants that need to be removed. For example, alkaline cleaning solutions remove heavy oils, greases, carbon deposits, and other stubborn contaminants. Acidic cleaning solutions are effective for descaling and removing rust.

We can advise on the best cleaning solution for your application.

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What’s the right way to set up an ultrasonic cleaner for restoration and remediation cleaning?

A number of factors determine how an ultrasonic cleaner performs. These factors include the ultrasound frequency, the detergent and temperature of the cleaning solution, the power applied, and the way the load is positioned in the tank. With the right combination of factors, the cleaning process is as effective for delicate medical instruments as for industrial machinery, despite the difference in size, materials, and structure of the components.

Tuning an ultrasonic cleaning process to deliver the highest quality results can be complicated. It’s important to take expert advice to determine the right factors for your application.

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What are the benefits of ultrasonic cleaning for restoration and remediation work?

One of the main benefits of ultrasonic cleaning is the speed of the process – what can take weeks for other types of restoration and remediation services can be done in minutes, with far less labor required. The cost is usually significantly lower than replacing equipment and the reliability is higher than for other cleaning methods.

Ultrasonic cleaning is precise and thorough yet gentle and non-abrasive, preserving the integrity of the items being cleaned and prolonging their lifespans. The process is sustainable, safe, and supports the environmentally friendly work practices that are a must for industries and professions today.

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Why choose a UPC ultrasonic cleaner for restoration and remediation work?

Ultrasonic cleaning is an effective and versatile solution for cleaning damaged items. Using a cleaner from a reputable manufacturer will ensure optimum results for this important work. At UPC, we have years of field experience in ultrasonic cleaning applications. All the vital components in our cleaners benefit from tried-and-tested production tooling and facilities to ensure consistent product quality control. 

We are committed to delivering high quality, reliable results with all our ultrasonic cleaning systems.

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