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Ultrasonic Flow Through Reactors

Ultrasonic Power Corporation develops and delivers powerful, efficient, durable ultrasonic flow-through equipment that provides the high intensity ultrasonic action you need for a variety of applications.

Ultrasonic Power Corporation’s ultrasonic flow-through equipment utilizes patented Vibra-Bar® transducer and Simultaneous Multi-frequency® technology for extraordinary performance every day.

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Providing plenty of performance

Ultrasonic Power Corporation’s ultrasonic flow-through equipment:

  • Uses patented generators with variable sweep circuitry
  • Provides high power density up to 1500 W/Gal
  • Can be mounted in a series or parallel configuration for higher volumes or flow rates
  • Fully constructed of 316L stainless steel

Perfect product for you

Ultrasonic Power Corporation’s ultrasonic flow-through equipment helps provide optimal, precision cleaning in wide variety of industries:

  • Homogenization - mixtures of liquids
  • Emulsification - processing foods, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
  • Water sanitation
  • Extraction of algae oil
  • Dispersion of nano-scaled particles
  • Water-diesel emulsion
  • Crude oil yield enhancement
  • Blending systems
  • Sludge disintegration
  • Wire, rod, and strip cleaning
  • Iron ore flocculation
  • Biodiesel production
  • Continuous wire cleaning

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