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Custom Ultrasonic Cleaners

Ultrasonic cleaning needs aren’t the same for everyone.

Can’t find exactly what you need among Ultrasonic Power Corporation’s wide array of high-quality, high-tech, high-performing products? Let Ultrasonic Power Corporation design, develop and deliver a custom ultrasonic cleaning system that meets your exacting requirements.

If your project demands higher cleanliness requirements, unusual sizes, or unique process flows, Ultrasonic Power Corporation can design and build custom quality crafted and rigidly tested ultrasonic cleaning systems that meet or exceed those requirements.

Ultrasonic Power Corporation’s patented Vibra-bar® ultrasonic transducers provide the power you need to get that critical degree of cleanliness you require. Our fully immersible transducers are designed for 24/7 use and operate under even the most extreme conditions.

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No job too big, too small, too complex

Here are some examples of custom ultrasonic cleaning systems that Ultrasonic Power Corporation has delivered:

Built to last

Ultrasonic Power Corporation’s custom ultrasonic cleaning systems incorporate:

  • 316L, heavy duty stainless steel tanks
  • Stainless steel skirts
  • Patented 5300 or 5400 series generators
  • Patented Vibra-bar® transducers
  • Simultaneous Multi-Frequency®
  • 10/5/2 Warranty

Perfect product for you

Our large ultrasonic cleaning systems deliver the same repeatable, precision cleaning results on the smallest semi-conductor and on the largest aircraft part - and on anything and everything in between. Whatever industry you’re in and whatever you need, Ultrasonic Power Corporation can create a custom ultrasonic cleaning system to provide optimal, precision cleaning.

FAQs: Questions? We have your answers

  • How can I order a custom ultrasonic cleaning system?

    • If you are interested in the highest quality industrial grade precision washing equipment available, we invite you to review our website and find the line of cleaning systems that will work best for you. From musical instruments to golf clubs to fire control equipment to jewelry, we sell a premium quality ultrasonic cleaning system that will suit your very specific needs.
  • What considerations for a tank size (including depth) for optimal cleaning?

    • For economic reasons first and performance, tank size should be just enough to fit the part load in. Extra volume will mean more power required to reach cavitation and be more costly than perhaps needed.

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