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Why Ultrasonics is a Perfect Solution for Cleaning Brass Instruments


At first glance ultrasonic instrument cleaners look like very simple soak tanks but these stainless steel work horses are a band room's best friend. Ultrasonics provide a safe and efficient way of cleaning, for you and your instrument. Brass instruments, such as trumpets, french horns and tubas, have oddly shaped surfaces, intricate valves, and interior areas that are difficult to clean by hand. When submerged in an ultrasonic cleaning tank, the cleaning fluid enters these hard to reach areas, cleaning the instrument inside and out. Ultrasonics can clean brass instruments in only 2-4 minutes without using nasty chemicals. Traditional chemical baths can expose personnel to toxic fumes. Ultrasonic cleaning technology uses sound waves to create microscopic cavitation bubbles that implode and basically create a slight scrubbing action on any hard surface the water touches. School Districts, universities, and instrument repair shops are all using ultrasonic technology. Ultrasonics can thoroughly clean the nooks and crannies of instruments that manual cleaning can miss. This results in a better and faster cleaning process with purer sound result from the instrument and improved cleanliness.