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Vibra-bar Technology: Taking our Ultrasonic Cleaning to the Next Level

At Ultrasonic Power Corporation, our highly engineered and reliable technology provides the solution to meet the various needs of our customers. One important part of our ultrasonic cleaning technology is our own Vibra-bar transducer module, which enables us to take our ultrasonic cleaning to the next level. With two-point vibration, low Q‚ broadband interference, and the ability to create multiple frequency levels in multiple planes, the Vibra-bar transducer module provides an unmatched level of performance in ultrasonic cleaning. The Vibra-bar transducer module consists of a radiating bar that is permanently bonded to the inside of the ultrasonic cleaning tank. The radiating bar measures 2‚ by 5 ¬º‚ and features a high temperature permanent bonding. Additionally, each bar has two integrated piezo-electric (PZT) stacks that are bolted together between the radiating bar and the backing plate.‚ The PZT elements are formulated to provide low dissipation, high density, and low porosity, the characteristics needed for high performance cleaning. The complete design of the Vibra-bar transducer module allows for a rugged construction that will provide long and efficient operation. The PZT element is stabilized during the manufacturing process at 400¬∞ F and the curie temperature is above 620¬∞ F. All parts and mating surfaces are engineered to allow clamping through a single stainless bolt and are adhesive-free. Therefore, the Vibra-bar transducer module is free to vibrate and distort in many different places for efficient use.

Vibra-bar transducer module

With its unique construction and design, the the Vibra-bar transducer module allows for our systems to thoroughly operate and clean in any given application, ensuring our customers consistently receive the highest level of performance. Visit our Technical Information page to learn more. At Ultrasonic Power Corporation, our technology is your solution!