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Versatile Controls Greater Efficiency: How Improved Ultrasonic Cleaning Controls Can Make Your Processes More Efficient

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In our previous post, we examined how the Sonic Touch II control system for ultrasonic cleaners not only works with tablets, smartphones and facility networks through Virtual Network Computing (VNC), but provides better data. Having broader and more complete data sets can make your cleaning more effective, make maintenance easier and help protect your investment. Access to better information is only one side of the coin. The other side of incorporating advanced digital technology into this new control system is, well, better control. To put it simply, the Sonic Touch II allows you to do more with your system, and make it more dependable. Let's take a look at some of the system's features and the benefits they can bring to your facility:

A countdown timer for perfected cleaning sessions

We aren't saying this feature is new or unique, but it definitely saves time and money. This digital timer ensures the cleaner will run only for the amount of time it needs to in order to clean the items in the tank. Over the long run, this will save power, reduce errors and allow your unit to last longer. It may also save labor costs, because you won't need to have a worker stand by to monitor the unit.

Seven day timers that adapt to your operation's schedule

It saves time and energy if your ultrasonic cleaner is ready to go just in time.‚ In other words, it's not running idly before it's needed, but the cleaning medium is already properly heated the moment items are ready to go in the tank and be cleaned. The Sonic Touch II features seven day timers for the heating system, pump and filtration system and oil skimmer. If, for example, your operation will need to clean cutting oil off new parts at approximately 10am every Tuesday and at 6am on Wednesdays, you can set the Sonic Touch II to activate the systems on the appropriate unit just before those times on those days.

VNC app lets you control or monitor from anywhere

Using a Virtual Network Computing app, you can perform all of the monitoring and control functions of the Sonic Touch II remotely, using a tablet or smartphone. As we mentioned in our previous post, you'll also be able to receive important alerts and scheduled maintenance reminders on your device via email or text, and/or designate any account you wish as the recipient. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

More features that protect your investment

In our previous blog we explored how better information flow, alarms and alerts could help you protect your investment in an ultrasonic cleaner. The Sonic Touch II also includes built-in protections against generator overheat, liquid overheat and low liquid level. On top of that, it incorporates security features such as a panel lock and password protection, preventing unauthorized use. Year after year, each piece of equipment employed by the workforce becomes smarter and the mobile revolution changes more and more about how we work. Choosing ultrasonic cleaners that integrate that technology is the smartest kind of change you can make.