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On the Frontlines of the Clean Drinking Water Battle

Bangladesh, China, Ghana, Haiti, and scores of other countries face a daunting task of providing clean and safe drinking water to their citizens. Often thought of as a developing world problem, there are countries like China that are finding that toxic waste from the country's burgeoning factories are polluting rivers and lakes that are the source of drinking water for its people. In fact, in a dramatic challenge, a leader of the Chinese environmental protection agency was offered a large sum of money to take a swim in a local river that is heavily polluted. Despite the monetary reward, the official declined due to his fear of the river's pollution and toxicity. Even in the United States there are many examples where water sources such as wells, rivers, ponds, and even lakes have become contaminated with unhealthy amounts of various elements like mercury and arsenic due to mining accidents, bacteria from sewage back-ups, or toxic substances from small and large industrial catastrophes. It is clear that having access to clean drinking water is something we all have in common and an issue for the majority of the global population. Fortunately, there are many businesses and organizations that are working to change this growing problem. Charitable groups like The Water Project and Charity: Water are focusing attention on the problem and providing solutions that work to provide clean drinkable water, by maintaining the quality and potability of their local water sources. On the private side, many businesses and industry sectors are developing products and services to alleviate the problem. Ultrasonic Power Corporation is happy to be a part of the solution in this ongoing struggle. One of our Canadian customers, an OEM, has utilized our ultrasonic technology to create a water filtration system for Canadian municipalities. This system enhances the quality and potability of the city's water system. The company has been successful in implementing the filtration systems by utilizing Ultrasonic Power's cleaning technologies. This technology aids in the disintegration of biological cells such as bacteria that can be found in water. Ultrasonic Power Corporation's mission is to provide cleaning solutions for our customers and we are proud that our technology is on the frontlines of technology to create clean, quality, and potable water.