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Ultrasonic Power for the Music Industry

Classical. Jazz. Rock. Country. Instrumental. No matter what genre is your preference, music is certainly something that brings people together. Behind every great musical piece is an instrument that needs to be taken care of. At Ultrasonic Power Corporation we make cleaning systems that are specially designed to meet the needs of our musically inclined customers. Read on to see the companies that we serve, how we serve them, and what they think!

Any musician will tell you these three reasons to clean your instrument.

  1. It is vital to the integrity of the performance
  2. Increase the longevity of the instrument
  3. It is basic hygiene!


Neglected instruments, or those that are cared for rarely or poorly won’t last perform well, and won’t last as long. Here at Ultrasonic Power Corp, we do business with various musical instrument manufacturing and repair companies, and with school music programs.

Trusted by the Best

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We have participated in many events such as The Annual Midwest Clinic International Band, Orchestra and Music Conference, the annual Texas Bandmasters Convention and as members of NAPBIRT (National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians, Inc.), we are excited to attend the association's annual conference. These companies trust us because, using our ultrasonic cleaners, they have seen enormous benefits for brass and woodwind instruments.

These benefits include:

  • Ultrasonic cleaners get every nook and cranny of their instruments intricate detail
  • Ultrasonic cleaning is safe and effective for all types of instruments
  • horn flush and holster design, which is used to send a blast of water to contamination and hangs in the tank without dripping externally.
  • double boiler pan, which is used for cleaning small items or when the operator decides to use multiple detergents within the same tank
  • No need to handle harsh chamicals
  • Our systems utilize environmentally-friendly detergents
  • A much faster process!


How exactly does it work?

Submerge your brass instruments into the tank for 2-5 minutes and watch, as you can in this trumpet cleaning video, how the ultrasonic energy produces microscopic cavitation bubbles that thoroughly clean the instruments. 

Trumpet being ultrasonically cleaned

Watch as our ultrasonics clean every inch of this trumpet, inside and out!

See a trumpet being cleaned or all of our cleaning videos. We love sharing videos and customer testimonials with you to show just how helpful our cleaning systems can be.

Happy Customer

One of our clients, Adam Martinez, was particularly happy with his purchase. Adam is the manager at High School Music Service in San Antonio, a local music store and repair/restoration center for local musicians and schools. He recently purchased a 90 gallon unit from us, and hasn’t looked back. The cleaning time is dramatically reduced, It used to take an hour! With our ultrasonic cleaner, a range of just 2-5 minutes is standard.

With the new ultrasonic cleaning process he saw his cleaning process shrink:

  • No more degreasing (was messy and time consuming)
  • No chemical dip (had a tendency to damage the lacquer finish)
  • No manual brushing (now unnecessary labor)

Start Cleaning With Ultrasonic Power Corp

As a “Made in the USA” ultrasonic cleaner and cleaning products company, we are committed to exceptional precision industrial ultrasonic cleaning and liquid processing solutions for our customers by leveraging the latest in technology. We provide fit for purpose technical assistance, components for preventative maintenance, training, and other support solutions. Using our portfolio of products and services, we differentiate ourselves, with integrity as an innovative brand.

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Send your parts to UPCORP for free evaluation and sample processing in our testing lab. You'll get them back promptly with a detailed process sheet showing how they were done, suggestions for improving current processes and recommended machinery. After our ultrasonic cleaning test services you will understand... seeing is believing!