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Ultrasonic Gun Cleaning Technology

As a gun owner, cleaning your weapon is as important as knowing how to discharge it safely and how to properly store it. An important aspect of gun ownership is routinely cleaning your gun for both safety and preservation of the firearm. Guns and gun ownership is personal and so too are the many opinions for maintaining guns in pristine readiness, including method(s) to clean a gun. While these methods have their proponents; we believe that using Ultrasonic Gun Cleaning Technology is the best way to achieve precision cleanliness. With two sizes to choose from - HG 1206 for handguns - LG 3606 for rifles, the Ultrasonic Gun Cleaning Technology uses our patented Vibra-bar technology. This technology is the most advanced transducer design in the ultrasonic cleaning industry. It provides multi-frequency waves for cleaning all surface areas of any weapon. With the Ultrasonic technology, guns also receive Simultaneous Multi-frequency and UP-Sweep TM technologies that provide both high performance cleaning, as well as an overall safe cleaning environment. The benefits of Ultrasonic Gun Cleaning Technology include a high level of cleanliness, reduced cleaning time, complete lubrication of the firearm, and decreased drying time.

Cleanliness: Because the technology is almost hands-free, there is very little prep and clean-up needed for a firearm to be deep-cleaned down to one micron.

Cleaning Time: With less prep time, you already have saved time, but in addition to this, the overall cleaning time is 3-5 minutes for most weapons, unlike manual cleaning that can take up to an hour or more.

Lubrication: The Ultrasonic Gun Technology has a lubrication tank designed to use ultrasonic energy. This unique design provides complete coverage of the every surface of the firearm. Areas that are difficult to thoroughly lubricate such as the barrel, magazine catch, hammer, and cylinder are easily coated with gun oil.

Drying Time: Utilizing a hot air dryer that blows 29,250 cubic feet per minute of hot filtered air reduces total drying time for most weapons by 80% compared to other methods. In addition to these benefits, other aspects of our cleaning technology are integrated to provide the best cleaning environment for most weaponry. These other attributes include a cleaning detergent that is specifically chosen for weapon cleaning, as well as a rust prohibitor to protect the firearm from oxidization and other harsh elements. In addition, the lubrication portion of the cleaning technology has been formulated for gun cleaning with both water displacement and low temperature properties.

Our products are made in America and have our full backing. Ultrasonic Power Corporation provides the best warranty in the industry for this type of product. If you ever have questions or concerns, you can speak directly with our staff that designed and built the system. There is no middleman involved when it comes to addressing your concerns and questions. We are excited to have this technology available for gun owners and will be exhibiting it at the 142nd National Rifle Association Annual Meeting from May 3rd to the 5th. If you are at the meeting, please stop by Booth #5062 to visit with us and learn more about the Ultrasonic Gun Cleaning Technology. We'll be happy to tell you more and show you our product.