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How Ultrasonic Cleaning Can Help Speed Up Aircraft Maintenance

Aerospace Ultrasonic CleaningIn aviation, there’s no substitute for a fast turnaround. Aircraft don’t make money sitting on the ground, so anything that gets them back in the air quickly has a direct impact on the bottom line. And since every level of aviation maintenance involves cleaning tasks, faster cleaning means faster maintenance.

Ultrasonic cleaning can save significant amounts of time in any technical setting, and aviation is no exception.

Just faster cleaning
Ultrasonic cleaning has a much shorter run time than other methods, especially those which depend on hand cleaning or soaking.

Soaking can reduce the time your workers spend on hand cleaning as well as help preserve solvents or other media used later in the process. But in most cases, soaking is not necessary or even helpful when using ultrasonics. The ultrasonic cleaner uses sound waves to form and collapse millions of microscopic bubbles, which scrub contaminants from the surface. There’s no need to soften up dirt before the cleaning begins.

Since those bubbles reach everywhere liquid can reach and remove contaminants from the surface completely, disassembling parts prior to cleaning process is seldom necessary, and much less common than with hand or spray cleaning.

With no soaking and no disassembly, you save time before the cleaning begins, but the cleaning process itself is usually much shorter. A typical cycle cleans multiple parts in five to seven minutes, less time than it would take to thoroughly hand clean a single part in most cases.

Reduced rework or replacement
Because ultrasonic cleaning reaches all of every submerged surface, there won’t be cases where a worker misses a spot or a spray washer fails to achieve 100% coverage. That means parts won’t need to be recleaned, and contaminants won’t interfere with later steps requiring inspection or recoating.

In the case of moving from hand scrubbing to ultrasonic cleaning, the amount of handling the part undergoes is dramatically reduced. As a result, the chances a component will be damaged by simple human error are decreased proportionally. Reducing this risk will reduce the total time spent on maintenance.

The little things
Putting on a face shield is probably not the most time-consuming task your team takes on. But the gentle nature of the chemicals in ultrasonic cleaning baths can help you gain time back in a number of ways.

While hand cleaning and spray washing often rely on harsh chemicals to move grime off surfaces, ultrasonic cleaners need only water and a mild detergent. That eliminates the need for protective gear, safety training, compliance with associated regulations and the time spent on specialized disposal.

Even small time savings add up over time, and your employees will have greater comfort and safety.

Automation and advanced control
Our cleaners employ the Sonic Touch® II control system, which will increase efficiency in a number of ways. Each features a countdown timer system, not a new technology for sure, but a definite time and money saver as it will shut the cleaner down and alert staff when the cleaning process is complete. It also has a seven day schedule feature for the unit’s heating system, pump and filtration system and oil skimmer. This means that you can schedule activation of these subsystems so that the unit will be ready “just-in-time.”

There are also custom automation options which allow you to change your cleaning setup so that workers are engaged in other tasks instead of moving parts or monitoring a cleaning process.

Our custom automation options allow workers to simply place baskets in a zone monitored by sensors, with an automated carry system moving it through the remainder of the process. This offers significant time savings in setups where a part may enter multiple baths and rinses. Instead of a worker moving the parts and monitoring the amount of time they spend in each bath, the system will do the work. This is a further opportunity to remove human error from the process, since it’s impossible for the system to forget to come to work with the parts or be distracted and leave them in longer than is necessary.

Shorter run times and prep times. No do-overs on cleaning, and no waiting to replace a damaged part. Easier and safer use with milder chemicals, saving time on multiple tasks. Automated processes that save time for your workforce and free them for other tasks. All these benefits can be delivered by ultrasonic cleaning. With this technology, you can keep ‘em flying, and do it faster.

Vibra-bar® Technology: Taking our Ultrasonic Cleaning to the Next Level

At Ultrasonic Power Corporation, our highly engineered and reliable technology provides the solution to meet the various needs of our customers. One important part of our ultrasonic cleaning technology is our own Vibra-bar® transducer module, which enables us to take our ultrasonic cleaning to the next level. With two-point vibration, low “Q” broadband interference, and the ability to create multiple frequency levels in multiple planes, the Vibra-bar® transducer module provides an unmatched level of performance in ultrasonic cleaning.

The Vibra-bar® transducer module consists of a radiating bar that is permanently bonded to the inside of the ultrasonic cleaning tank. The radiating bar measures 2” by 5 ¼” and features a high temperature permanent bonding. Additionally, each bar has two integrated piezo-electric (PZT) stacks that are bolted together between the radiating bar and the “backing plate.” The PZT elements are formulated to provide low dissipation, high density, and low porosity, the characteristics needed for high performance cleaning.

The complete design of the Vibra-bar® transducer module allows for a rugged construction that will provide long and efficient operation. The PZT element is stabilized during the manufacturing process at 400° F and the curie temperature is above 620° F. All parts and mating surfaces are engineered to allow clamping through a single stainless bolt and are adhesive-free. Therefore, the Vibra-bar® transducer module is free to vibrate and distort in many different places for efficient use.Vibra-bar® transducer module

With its unique construction and design, the the Vibra-bar® transducer module allows for our systems to thoroughly operate and clean in any given application, ensuring our customers consistently receive the highest level of performance. Visit our Technical Information page to learn more. At Ultrasonic Power Corporation, our technology is your solution!


Ultrasonic Power that is Made in the U.S.A

American manufacturers are truly embracing the idea of an American manufacturing renaissance. According to Martin Baily and Barry Bosworth of the Brookings Institution, who were recently quoted in The Atlantic, “American manufacturing is on the verge of dramatic change…major revolutions are underway in energy, robotics, materials, and applied information technology.”

As an American manufacturer, Ultrasonic Power Corporation is proud to be a part of this manufacturing revolution in the industrial heartland of North America. All of our products are designed, machined, and manufactured in the U.S. Our ultrasonic cleaning technology is built with the highest quality for our customers. We will be showcasing our ultrasonic equipment, including our Gunsonic™ system, at this year’s NRA Annual Meeting, which is being held April 25th-April 27th in Indianapolis.

Gunsonic systemOur Gunsonic™ system is an ultrasonic cleaning system meant for gun applications; the HG 1206 model is suitable for hand guns, and the LG 3606 model is applicable for long guns, machine guns, and rifles. Proper gun cleaning is essential to the effectiveness of the weapon; typical cleaning tends to take a lot of time. The Gunsonic™ system utilizes our environmentally-friendly and water-based solution, our Vibra-bar® technology, and our Simultaneous Multi-frequency® technology to compress and expand the liquid for the proper ultrasonic cleaning, removing any residue in a matter of minutes. You can watch our technology in action in our ultrasonic gun cleaning video.

The NRA meeting is not only an event where we can showcase how our Gunsonic™ equipment is applicable for the military, gun clubs, shooting ranges, and private owners, but it is also an opportunity to highlight our Made in America ultrasonic cleaning technology for a multitude of applications, including manufacturing. If you’re going to be attending the NRA meeting, make sure to stop by our booth, #3254, and see for yourself how our ultrasonic equipment can handle all of your cleaning needs.