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Customize Your Ultrasonic Cleaning Process


Whoever said “Change is the only true constant,” was probably talking about business. And the growing pace of change means any equipment investment you make must deliver the ability to adapt to changing customer demands.

In a previous blog, we discussed how the Sonic Touch® II console delivers better control, performance, and data collection, as well as ease of use. In addition, a major benefit of this new console is that operators have the ability to adapt it to changes in or additions to their cleaning operation.

Control anywhere…

Even without any customization, the updated control capability of the Sonic Touch® II allows users to adapt to changes in workflows and schedules.

“You can access the system from anywhere in your facility,” Manufacturing Engineer Felipe Benalcazar says, so long as the facility has a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This allows employees to either use their phone to set timers according to an optimal schedule, or control the cleaning unit directly.

The panel also allows users to set seven day timer schemes for the system, including the sonics, heater, pumps, and oil skimmer. A cleaning unit can be up and ready at exactly the right time, instead of requiring employees to spend time warming up the system.

Choose how you control…

Because the Sonic Touch® II console has a screen-based interface, operators can decide what controls are included and how their interface is arranged. This makes it simple to create an arrangement that is best for the user and the cleaning procedures being used each day.

Easy to reconfigure, with no need for long periods of downtime…

Previous generations of control technology made adding or changing controls a difficult proposition. In the past adding additional controls to an existing machine would have required making physical alterations to the sheet metal. Then, the switch would have to be wired to the new equipment, and other parts of the ultrasonic cleaner might have to be disassembled before the connection was made. In any case, the cleaning unit would be offline for some time. This might have a ripple effect, creating other costs or losses as other processes in a facility were put on hold waiting for the cleaning unit to be back online; it would definitely reduce the ROI gained from adding new equipment to a cleaner.

With the Sonic Touch® II, components can be added with a simple standard connection, and the tablet-style panel allows new controls to be added to a graphic user interface instead of being mounted in a physical panel. This drastically reduces the cost of making such a change, and the downtime required to make it.

Coding changes instead of physical changes…

A similar advantage of the Sonic Touch® II is the ability to change the interface with new code, uploaded to the unit via a USB. This makes specialized cleaning easier and less expensive, but it also reduces the cost and risk of refining your cleaning process.

With previous generations, adding a new piece of equipment or control carried the risk that if it delivered suboptimal results, changing it would require another investment and more downtime as the changes were accomplished. With the Sonic Touch® II, alterations to the code make it a simple matter to adapt the control panel to new equipment and change the interface to match.

As we mentioned in a previous blog, when a UPCORP customer needed a “rehoming” sequence and additional sensors to their automated system, Electrical Engineer Will Pedroza was able to help them develop code that integrated the new technology without major inconveniences, costs or even a site visit. “I never had to step in front of the machine,” he says. “It was just email correspondence followed by sending them a USB stick, and their system was updated with new functionality.”


By integrating advanced digital technology, the Sonic Touch® II provides ultrasonic cleaning operators remote access, improved ROI and simple customization.
Contact Ultrasonic Power Corporation today and let our Sonic Touch® II technology provide your facility with transformative cleaning capabilities.




Going “Green” with Precision Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology

Ultrasonic Power Corporation today, launches a new Blog. Our purpose is to educate businesses about the technology, applications, and equipment. We believe in transparency and lifting the curtain on marketing hype because an informed customer is our best spokesperson.

Today’s businesses continually seek performance improvement in a hyper-active competitive world. The phenomenon of ultrasonics was first observed during the early part of the 20th century. Yet, the benefits of industrial cleaning applications were not fully realized until the early 1960s. As businesses entered the  21st century, their relentless pursuit of productivity, safety and health, to be good corporate stewards by producing sustainable products and services and naturally increase profitability, caused a serious look at ultrasonic cleaning technology. Today’s industrial grade ultrasonic cleaning systems operate at frequency ranges from 18kHz to over 170 kHz.  Typically, during the early years of industrial ultrasonic cleaning, most of the cleaning applications operated at frequencies of 25 to 40 kHz. With ever more sophisticated products, and an expectation by governments and communities for environmentally safe manufacturing processes, businesses have turned to precision industrial ultrasonic cleaning systems to deliver these expectations as well as boost productivity and profitability. Ultrasonic Power Corporation, has since 1972, been an innovator and leader in delivering industrial ultrasonic cleaning technology to customers globally.

Ultrasonic Power Corporation is focused on customer satisfaction and technological leadership for precision ultrasonic cleaning systems  while continually enhancing the ultrasonic technology to help our customers’ business achieve higher cleaning performance. We do this daily because of unique qualities that set us apart from all other competitors.  Some of these qualities are:

100% USA Designed and Manufactured: Our entire product-line of ultrasonic equipment is manufactured in Freeport, Illinois. Producing all of our products in house allows for complete quality control. Many of our competitors purchase sub-assemblies offshore which translates to longer product delivery times and slower customer support.  In today’s business pace, time is money. UPC delivers.

Quality: At UPC, we understand the importance of the materials used in manufacturing industrial ultrasonic cleaning systems.  To ensure the longevity of our products, we utilize industrial grade stainless steel.  With stainless steel, the words industrial and low maintenance costs point to quality.

Performance: Our “Simultaneous Multi-frequency®” generators and “Vibra-Bar®” transducers are the heart of the cleaning system and deliver reliable performance, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. UPC generators are tested and confirmed to be the most efficient in the marketplace for industrial ultrasonic cleaning systems.
Since 1972, UPC’s mission is to provide our customers with the most cost effective, high performance, ultrasonic cleaning equipment possible. Let us prove to you that we are the best. For absolute precision ultrasonic cleaning, contact us today!