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Make Sure to do These Things When Giving Your Firearm an Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic Cleaning For Gun Shops

Of course, using an ultrasonic cleaner is the easiest way to make sure your firearm gets the best cleaning it has ever had, but you want to be careful as well. Following the guidelines below, you will want use your ultrasonic cleaner in the correct manner, otherwise you risk damaging the cleaner or the firearm you are trying to clean. With over 40 years of knowledge and experience in the industrial ultrasonic cleaning industry at Ultrasonic Power Corporation, the following are highly recommended..

Don't Run the System Empty

When running your ultrasonic cleaner, make sure the tank is filled to its recommended capacity. Reason being is when you turn on your ultrasonic cleaner, it immediately begins to create ultrasonic waves via the transducers on the tank bottom. However, if there is nowhere for this energy to go, you risk damaging the transducers themselves.

Don't Let Parts Rest on Tank Bottom

Because the transducers are bonded to the tank bottom it acts like a high frequency speaker. Placing parts directly on the bottom will impede the ultrasonic energy much like placing your finger on a speaker cone. The baskets designed for your system prevent the parts from contacting the bottom. It is also acceptable to suspend a part in the tank using string or wire.

Take Apart Your Gun (If You Can)

Wherever the liquid makes contact with the firearm, the cavitation bubbles will remove the contaminant. Breaking the firearm down to the main components not only allows the loosened contaminant to flush free from the area preventing redistribution, it also allow easier and more thorough rinsing and drying. Make sure, however, to remove attachments like laser sights and scopes from the firearm that may be damaged in the ultrasonic tank. The basic rule of thumb is that if an item may be damaged by immersing it in soapy water do not attempt to clean it in an ultrasonic tank. The ultrasonics simply provides the scrubbing action.


Once done with cleaning your firearm, don't stop there! The ultrasonic cleaner is so thorough that not only does it get all dirt and grime off of your firearm, but it also removes lubricant as well. Thankfully, there are other lubricating solutions you can use in your ultrasonic tank to re-apply the lubrication to your gun. And if done ultrasonically, it will be the best lube job it ever had.