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Keep Your Children Safe and your Firearms Secure

clean gun and shells

Gun safety is a top concern for anyone who owns a firearm. Even if you know everything there is to know about gun safety, what about your family? Are you taking all the proper steps to make sure that your firearms are secure and out of harm's way, so no child or otherwise can access them? To help you make your household a safer place, here are a few tips to get you started.

Keep them Unloaded

It may seem like a more convenient (and safer) option to keep your firearms loaded, in the event of a home intrusion, but truthfully you are inviting more bad to happen than good. In any situation where a firearm accidentally falls into the wrong hands, whether those of a stranger or your children, a loaded gun would cause danger to you or those around you. To keep your household safe, it is a better idea to keep your gun unloaded when not in use. If you are truly worried about not being able to use your firearm fast enough, in any sort of emergency, practice unloading and reloading yourself to get faster and comfortable with the process.

Keep them Separate

Again, firearms cannot do harm to anyone if they are not loaded. And why even tempt someone with the idea of loading it themselves? For a more secure firearm, keep them separate and apart from your ammunition. Keep the ammunition close at hand if you like, but keep it in a different locked box than your guns. A gun with no ammo is no harm to your family.

Keep them Locked

If you want to be the most safe, you'll be wise to purchase a safe; for your firearms, that is. There are a variety of different ways you can lock your guns up to ensure they stay secure. You can try strongboxes, security cases, or gun safes to store your firearms. Are are viable options, and you can determine which is right for you based on the amount of guns you may have, and the size of them. As well, you can take the extra step to even lock the triggers on your guns. Trigger locks are affordable, and easy to use. Often times they even come with the guns you are purchasing.

Stay Informed

Perhaps one of the most logical, and overlooked measure to keep your family safe with your firearms is to make sure they are aware of how your guns work. Being knowledgeable and knowing how a gun works can be one of the safest options, and it costs nothing at all; just some time explaining firearm safety with your loved ones.