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Improved Data Improved Efficiency: How Smarter Ultrasonic Cleaning Controls Increase Efficiency In Your Aerospace Operation

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Have you ever been struck by the strangeness of aerospace technology development? Facilities in the industry today might be repairing an airliner that's more than 50% advanced composite or making components that will end up orbiting Mars, but at some point they'll break out the same box end wrenches and common screwdrivers the Wright Brothers used. Still, sometimes the mix of bleeding edge and old school is a result of missed opportunities. Not only is there an opportunity to use the best cleaning technology available, but with the mobile and digital revolution, there's an opportunity to get better data and make your operation more efficient. That's why we developed the Sonic Touch II, a smarter control system designed to communicate with phones, tablets and facility networks. Let's take a look at four efficiency-boosting benefits this system can provide for your operation:

Improved information flow

There's often an overwhelming amount of data available to today's aerospace management. We're not proposing you go from receiving little or no data from your cleaning systems to drinking from a firehose. The Sonic Touch II doesn't just provide information, it allows you to control what information goes to whom and under what circumstances. The control system allows real-time monitoring, can send texts or emails to any account you choose (or even multiple accounts) and can download data onto a flash drive or mobile device via USB. Whether you want an alert to go to multiple supervisors or even just a single tablet used by one line worker, you can craft a data flow that supports efficiency instead of getting in the way.

Improved (and easier) maintenance

We've discussed data flow coming to you and your workers via text or email, but what sort of data? One type is scheduled maintenance alerts. The unit can send reminders to any accounts you designate, ensuring that you never skip a scheduled procedure. For example, you can set the system so that a particular technician on your floor receives an alert email, and so does his or her superior, keeping them in the loop and able to follow up and ensure the maintenance has been done.

Improved asset protection

One of the main benefits of ultrasonic cleaners is that they are easy to use and maintain, but like any equipment, they need to be protected from error and happenstance. The Sonic Touch II makes that protection easier. You'll be able to know the condition of your ultrasonic cleaner's transducers, generators, heating systems, pump and oil skimmer in real time through the standard monitoring channels. That alone may allow you to see a problem coming and head it off. But in addition, the system will alarm in the case of generator power problems, low liquid level or liquid overheat. These alarms will be logged (giving you data to follow up on) and can also be transmitted to a device or network, ensuring they alert a supervisor immediately.

Improved cleaning

Now we've come to the most important benefit. If you need your components to be spotless, the best data is information that helps you clean them more thoroughly, quickly and easily. Take our patented Liquid Condition Sensor (LCS), for example. The LCS will allow you to monitor cavitation activity levels in your tank. The best cavitation results produce the best cleaning results. Other displays will show the frequency output of each ultrasonic generator and the accumulated power the generators have produced. As we noted above, the Sonic Touch II allows you to monitor all of this data in real time or download it for later use. You'll always be able to know exactly what the operating condition of the unit is. Equipped with a smarter control system providing the right data‚ and with the improved controls offered by the Sonic Touch II‚ you'll be on your way to better efficiency and a better bottom line.