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Have you heard? Manufacturing is cool!

Did you know that many of today's manufacturing jobs are based on cutting-edge science and technology? In a manufacturing career, one will face interesting challenges, utilize the latest mind-blowing technology, and be filled with pride in an area of our economy that is now seeing a true renaissance. In fact, a Generator and Transducer Technical Service team member at Ultrasonic Power Corporation, said, I enjoy using my hands and being able to see things go from nothing to something awesome.‚ An Ultrasonic Power Corporation Mechanical Engineer told us that you get a great chance to apply your knowledge from academia to real-world applications.

Mechanical Engineer Team Member
Generator and Transducer Technical Services Team Member

So, the good news is that these jobs and many more are now available to not only those with an engineering degree, but to kids emerging from trade schools and community colleges. Jobs need to be filled in a myriad of support positions such as sales, shipping and receiving, marketing, design and, of course, engineering. There have been recent efforts that have focused on encouraging both students and parents to think seriously about a career in manufacturing. An Ultrasonic Web Marketing Specialist put it, Manufacturing is a great way to get hands on experience and learn different skills.

Web Marketing Specialist

Several of these exciting jobs are starting to incorporate gamification, which is the concept of applying game-design thinking and mechanics in non-game contexts to increase user engagement and problem solving. A recent LNS Research article stated that gamifying something will be more interesting and more relatable to youth.‚ Many of these games are complex and require the understanding of technology. Being able to use cool technology in the workplace would create a fun work environment. Working at a company like Ultrasonic Power Corporation that services a diverse range of stimulating industries, including aerospace, automobiles, musical instruments, pharmaceuticals, firearms, and many others, allows for the ability to learn about so many different aspects. Being able to see the stages of how a product is first built, including the planning, testing, and assembly, to the way it is packed and delivered to the customer, is something not many people get to see and understand. Manufacturing Day, whose mission is to address common misperceptions about manufacturing, is coming up on October 3, 2014, and it is a perfect way to showcase what manufacturing is and what it is not. With the help of industry sponsors and co-producers, future generations will be able to see how great the manufacturing industry is and how much it has changed with the intertwining of cutting edge technology, as well as get a better understanding of modern manufacturing. Along with exciting events such as Manufacturing Day, IMEC, a catalyst for transforming the state of manufacturing, is working on improving the productivity and competiveness of Illinois' small and mid-sized manufacturing firms. With the implementation of using the latest technology, gamification, and companies like IMEC, manufacturing is becoming a cool industry to work in.