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Immersible Transducers: Converting Stainless Steel Tanks to Ultrasonic Cleaners

It’s not always necessary to buy a purpose-built ultrasonic cleaner.  

Adding immersible transducers to a standard stainless steel tank is a cost-effective way to transform the tank into an ultrasonic cleaner. 

Aqueous Cleaning

UPC Immersible Transducers

At UPC, we fit our high-performing piezoelectric ultrasonic Vibra-bar® transducer modules into stainless steel containers called “shoeboxes”. These sealed containers can be submerged in liquid and connected to a generator to bring ultrasonic power to a standard cleaning system. 

The shoebox containers can be bulk-head or free-standing containers. Bulk-head containers are fixed to the tank with bolts. Free-standing containers can rest on the bottom or hang on the walls of the tank. 

We provide a range of container sizes, and we can create custom containers to suit tanks of unusual shapes or sizes. Immersible transducers are available in all the frequencies of our standard ultrasonic machines. Our Simultaneous Multi-frequency® feature ensures a uniform and thorough cleaning. 

Benefits of Immersible Transducers

Using immersible transducers offers a number of benefits: 

Cost-effective and environmentally friendly: if a suitable tank is available, converting the tank saves much of the cost of buying an ultrasonic cleaner. Recycling and reusing existing equipment minimizes waste. 

Customization: some applications require a tank with non-standard dimensions and finding an ultrasonic cleaner of the right size and shape can be challenging. Adding transducers to an existing cleaning system can meet the exact needs without significant extra cost. 

Scalability and flexibility: if cleaning requirements change, it’s possible to increase or decrease the cleaning or rinsing capacity by adding or removing immersible modules. If an existing machine isn’t cleaning effectively enough, including an extra transducer module may provide the extra power needed to deliver optimum results. 

Forward planning: businesses can use immersible transducers to research different cleaning options and configurations. They may discover that retrofitting existing equipment delivers the required results or can determine precise requirements before investing in new equipment. 

Key features of UPC immersible ultrasonic transducers include: 

  • Independent waterproof modules provide thorough yet gentle cleaning power 
  • TIG (tungsten inert gas) welded, and pressure tested for long life 
  • Reliable, efficient operation compatible with a wide range of cleaning chemicals
  • Chemical-resistant 316L stainless steel radiating surface
  • Standard sizes in stock for fast delivery
  • Custom sizes available for nearly any size tank configuration
  • Available in 25kHz, 40kHz, 68kHz, and 170kHz
  • Choice of mounting options
  • Free customer support in systems design 

4 Steps to Converting Your Tank

  1. If you have a tank you want to convert into an ultrasonic cleaner, you just need to tell us about your cleaning application and the dimensions of the tank.
  2. Our engineers calculate the number of immersible transducers required and the optimum positions in the tank to locate the containers. They can also advise on the generator requirements and any other factors – such as cleaning detergents – to ensure you achieve the best cleaning results.
  3. In most cases, it’s straightforward to install the transducers – it can be as easy as hanging a container on the tank wall. We can provide additional support if needed.
  4. With your immersible transducers installed, you connect the UPC-supplied coax cable to the generator, turn on the generator, and start cleaning! 

No Job Too Big or Too Small

Ultrasonic Power Corporation’s ultrasonic cleaning systems are constructed to handle any job. From six ounces to 2000+ gallons these systems are engineered and manufactured to meet your specifications. Our ultrasonic cleaning systems deliver the same repeatable performance from the smallest machined part to the largest engine block - and everything in between.

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Large tank with ultrasonic transducers