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What NOT to do When Cleaning Your Guns – Ultrasonic Cleaning

There are many ways to properly and safely clean your gun, but has anyone told you about the ways you shouldn’t be cleaning it? We are sure it isn’t something you think about on a daily basis, but it is smart to be aware of what isn’t correct when cleaning your firearms. With some help from the gun folks at Survivopedia, here are some of the “do-not’s” when gun cleaning.

DON’T Use Gasoline or Kerosene (And Other Unapproved Cleaning Substances)

It may come as no surprise to anyone, but using gasoline or kerosene to clean your gun can be very dangerous. Both these liquids are incredibly flammable, and if there is any chance of accidently lighting these chemicals up, you are going to be in for a bad time. Although effective for getting dirt and grime off of your guns, gasoline and kerosene can strip off the finish and protective coating on your gun too. It is just better to use any approved substance for your gun when cleaning it.

Along those same lines, dish soap and water can be just as detrimental to your gun. If you’re not careful, you can cause corrosion and rust can begin appearing on your gun. The exception to this rule is the use of water and Brulin 815GD concentrated cleaning solution. Brulin 815GD is approved for use with an ultrasonic cleaner that contains rust inhibitors.

DON’T Forget About Cosmoline

When you are purchasing new or surplus guns, it is important that you clean them before beginning to use them.  This is because they are often coated in a substance called Cosmoline. Cosmoline is a common brand of a substance used to protect the weapon from moisture and rust. In most cases, it is just an oily substance that is easy to clean off of a gun, but if the weapon has been stored for a long time before purchase, the Cosmoline may turn into a waxy substance, making it harder to remove. There are a few methods you can use in order to clean Cosmoline off in this state:


If you spray WD-40 over the metal and any wooden parts, it will begin to dissolve the Cosmoline. Just make sure you have plenty of rags and paper towels to continue wipe the Cosmoline off. And make sure to get it out of the inside of the barrel as well! Keep in mind, however, that WD-40 is not meant to clean your gun. Only use it to help remove the Cosmoline. Any other cleaning done to your firearm once the Cosmoline has been removed should not include WD-40.

Heat Gun

If you are able to find a heat gun, you may use it set to 125 degrees Fahrenheit in order to melt away the waxy Cosmoline. Again, be prepared with plenty of rags and paper towels.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Again, if you have access to an ultrasonic bath, all you would need to do is disassemble your firearm and place the separate pieces in stainless steel baskets and then into an ultrasonic bath. The ultrasonic cavitation in the water would quickly wear away at the waxy cosmoline, and have your gun cleaned in a relatively short time. Don’t forget to properly dry and lubricate your gun afterwards!

DON’T Forget Safety

It is important to not forget gun safety, even when cleaning your gun. That’s right, gun safety is important at all time! Check out our article “How To Be Safe With Your Gun: 7 Simple Tips” for some great gun safety advice.



Ultrasonic Power Corporation Announces the Launch of a New Redesigned Mobile Responsive Website


Freeport, Illinois, 7 December 2015

Ultrasonic Power Corporation introduces its newly redesigned mobile responsive website,, offering  improved user experience for product information that is more closely in line with the company’s strategic vision for superior customer service and efficiency.

The website is designed to provide the most accurate up-to-date material, technology education and leverage access to UPC expertise in the field of ultrasonic cleaning technology and liquid processing equipment based on our nearly 45 years of technology and product quality leadership.

The Mobile Responsive Website Features include:

  • A more user-friendly layout with enhanced search and navigation functionality
  • A client-centric website accessed conveniently on any internet-ready device including phone, tablet, or personal computer
  • Improved and extensive product catalog
  • Technical information
  • Industry focused webpages

With recognition for today’s users of websites and their expectations, that is to say users demand to access information, their way, 24/7, UPC has adopted a singular focus to design and support a mobile responsive website for learning about UPC products and services.  “Significant attention and effort has been given to industry practices associated with mobile usability with this redesign and thus offers an even better user experience”, states Ace Favela, Inbound Marketing Specialist for UPC.

We hope you enjoy the new UPC website. Send your feedback via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or an e-mail to .

Celebrating Manufacturing Day 2015!

Ultrasonic Power Corporation is very proud to participate in the  2nd Annual Manufacturing Day on October 2, 2015.  The event was sponsored by CareerTEC, Highland Community College, Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center (IMEC), and  NIDA.

Highland Community College hosted a manufacturers “expo” for students to tour, lunch, and hear guest speakers and had seven local schools participate.  Company tours were also provided for the students.

ace andy mfg day

MFG DAY addresses common misperceptions about manufacturing by giving manufacturers an opportunity to open their doors and show, in a coordinated effort, what manufacturing is — and what it isn’t. By working together during and after MFG DAY, manufacturers will begin to address the skilled labor shortage they face, connect with future generations, take charge of the public image of manufacturing, and ensure the ongoing prosperity of the whole industry.

Supported by a group of industry sponsors and co-producers, MFG DAY is designed to amplify the voice of individual manufacturers and coordinate a collective chorus of manufacturers with common concerns and challenges. The rallying point for a growing mass movement, MFG DAY empowers manufacturers to come together to address their collective challenges so they can help their communities and future generations thrive.



UPC Resonates With the Music Industry

The 2015 NAMM Show, an action-packed global industry event that is attended by companies that manufacture, distribute, and/or retail musical instrument/products, will be held in the Anaheim Convention Center, in Anaheim, CA from January 22 – 25th.  This annual event allows companies to network and connect with music product buyers and enthusiasts. Different exhibits, educational sessions, and events will take place at this year’s show for attendees to learn more about the changing music industry.

UPC provides cleaning solutions for a diverse list of domestic and international music companies ranging from small repair shops, school districts, military bands, and large scale companies.

With the introduction of UPC’s ground breaking new features at last month’s Annual Midwest Clinic International Band, Orchestra and Music Conference, the NAMM Show is a perfect venue to exhibit the latest in ultrasonic cleaning for musical instruments.

Ultrasonic Power Corporation will be exhibiting the 90 gallon portable, self-contained, ultrasonic cleaning system with Sonic Touch ® technology, which can easily accommodates trumpets, flutes, saxophones, trombones, baritones, sousaphones and tubas.  The BT 2424SE will also be showcased, which cleans trumpets, flutes, saxophones, clarinets and euphoniums.  Both systems clean quickly and eliminate the need for strong acids. Visit us in Booth #2521 to learn about our cutting-edge product innovations!

Ultrasonic Power Corporation will be exhibiting at MRO Americas 2015 on April 14 – 16th in Miami, FL.

In our next blog, find out how Ultrasonic Power Corporation is assisting aerospace suppliers so they can meet the demand for surging orders.

Ultrasonic Attendees
Ultrasonic Eastman Music

Ultrasonic Cleaning: Frequency ranges and Applications

Now that you have read information on the UPC website, and our previous Blogs, you likely have a good feel for the basics about the technology behind precision ultrasonic cleaning.  There are many different aspects of the cleaning process that are application-specific and technically complicated, but for the purposes of this blog, let’s explore just one important aspect: frequency. High-frequency sound waves introduced into liquid to create cavitation, effectively scrub contaminants from the targeted parts in a cleaning tank.

A Closer Look at Cavitation

There are many technical papers written on the subject of cavitation, including some with respect to minimizing the adverse effects of cavitation in relation to propeller design.  Yet, at UPC, rather than finding ways to circumvent the adverse phenomenon, as those in the marine industry seek to do, we’re seeking to take advantage of cavitation by manipulating the amplitude and frequency of sound waves to make it work in useful ways, to promote precision ultrasonic cleaning.

Characteristics of the phenomenon of cavitation change as a result of the frequency at which the rarefaction and compression of the wave occurs.  The key concern is the size of the bubbles created – the lower the frequency, the larger the pressure waves. The larger the pressure waves, the larger the bubbles.  Larger bubbles create greater energy, and so bubble diameter size and ultrasonic frequency is an inverse relationship; the ultrasonic energy produced by cavitation (scrubbing) increases as frequency decreases.

One related point to consider is that while larger bubbles have higher energy output, they have less potential for cleaning penetration in small cracks, crevasses and blinds because of their size.  The frequency that is most often used as the ideal compromise between power and penetration for ultrasonic cleaning is 40kHz, which creates a cavitation bubble with a diameter of approximately 1 micron.  For industrial applications involving heavy mechanical equipment such as cleaning engine blocks, radiators, dies, and other metals where the finish isn’t a critical consideration, 25khz is often used – a lower frequency, a more powerful cleaning technique, but potentially destructive if used in the wrong parts cleaning applications.  Accordingly, for more delicate operations, such as precision optics, hard drive parts, and the like, 68kHz is another common frequency.  On the higher end of the spectrum, 170kHz is occasionally employed, often for pharmaceutical products, medical implants, and titanium components.

In our next blog, we will explore some other techniques that we employ (and have patented) for optimal application of much of the information we have covered here.  Be sure to check back here for our next blog – and in the interim, tweet @ultrasonicpower or visit our website to get in touch, – we would love to hear from you.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology – Benefiting Business by Protecting People, Property and Environment

Ultrasonic Power Corporation has a long history of technological leadership associated with precision industrial cleaning applications. The use of ultrasonic cleaning technology yields proven benefits; including improved financial performance, increased productivity, positive brand reputation, superior safety, health and workplace environment performance, and higher employee satisfaction.  A long-term delivery of value from use of UPC’s patented cleaning technology, generators and transducers, is the improvement and sustaining of a manufacturing process that has a safer work environment and by extension prevents workplace incidents. Exposure risks to hazardous chemical cleaning processes typically used can be reduced or eliminated by using ultrasonic cleaning technology. In fact, UPC has replaced all risk-filled chemical solutions once used for cleaning with its own ultrasonic cleaning equipment in manufacturing processes. Today, UPC uses only bio-degradable cleaning solutions coupled with its ultrasonic cleaning equipment.

An important benefit from this manufacturing process change has yielded improved team members’ safety and health performance. Today, UPC is enjoying an impressive safety record of more than 3,658 days without an OSHA Recordable Incident. UPC continues to emphasize protecting people, property and the environment through its many internal initiatives and relationships with outside organizations such as the National Safety Council and the American Society of Safety Engineers. In fact, our Co-CEO, Michael Thompson, CSP, is a past president for the 37,000 member American Society of Safety Engineers, whose annual professional development conference brings tens of thousands of safety professionals together for education, and to discuss new and innovative products and services. National leaders from the United States, Canada and Mexico recognize the importance of safety and health in the workplace and impact of their respective economy and each year organize NAOSH, North American Occupational Safety and Health week during the first full week of May. We are also just a few days out of June, which was declared National Safety Month by the National Safety Council – but we think that every day should be a safe day!  All this provides a fitting backdrop for a discussion on the safety-specific merits of ultrasonic technology, and how they could help your employees, the environment, and your bottom line.

Whatever part you’re cleaning, whether it’s a gun, greasy engine parts, a smoke-damaged electronic device, or less-than-shiny trombone, traditionally that cleaning involves different toxic cleaning chemicals and solvents.  With any hazardous materials come several complicating factors – personal protective equipment (PPE) for proper handling and application, safety training standards, Safety Data Sheets (SDS) documentation, environmental disposal permits, and emergency procedures for spill or incident response.  From the perspective of employee health risk exposure, ultrasonic technology improves processes by eliminating risk exposure to toxic chemicals, and eliminating the risk of contamination, or spill incidents.  Ultrasonic cleaning technology is more “green” as for this reason – no more use of harsh chemicals and solvents or potentially improper or unsafe disposal.

If your business involves chemical cleaning, one safety consideration you should investigate is an investment in ultrasonic cleaning technology. Do the numbers, the Return on Investment for an ultrasonic solution can be impressive. Consider safety a value in your business ROI, as we do here at UPC and contact us today for more information about our safe and effective ultrasonic cleaning technology solutions.

Ultrasonic Gun Cleaning Technology

As a gun owner, cleaning your weapon is as important as knowing how to discharge it safely and how to properly store it.  An important aspect of gun ownership is routinely cleaning your gun for both safety and preservation of the firearm.  Guns and gun ownership is personal and so too are the many opinions for maintaining guns in pristine readiness, including method(s) to clean a gun. While these methods have their proponents; we believe that using Ultrasonic Gun Cleaning Technology is the best way to achieve precision cleanliness.

With two sizes to choose from – HG 1206 for handguns – LG 3606 for rifles, the Ultrasonic Gun Cleaning Technology uses our patented Vibra-bar® technology.  This technology is the most advanced transducer design in the ultrasonic cleaning industry.  It provides multi-frequency waves for cleaning all surface areas of any weapon.  With the Ultrasonic technology, guns also receive Simultaneous Multi-frequency® and UP-Sweep TM technologies that provide both high performance cleaning, as well as an overall safe cleaning environment.

The benefits of Ultrasonic Gun Cleaning Technology include a high level of cleanliness, reduced cleaning time, complete lubrication of the firearm, and decreased drying time.

Cleanliness:  Because the technology is almost hands-free, there is very little prep and clean-up needed for a firearm to be deep-cleaned down to one micron.

Cleaning Time:  With less prep time, you already have saved time, but in addition to this, the overall cleaning time is 3-5 minutes for most weapons, unlike manual cleaning that can take up to an hour or more.

Lubrication:  The Ultrasonic Gun Technology has a lubrication tank designed to use ultrasonic energy.  This unique design provides complete coverage of the every surface of the firearm.  Areas that are difficult to thoroughly lubricate such as the barrel, magazine catch, hammer, and cylinder are easily coated with gun oil.

Drying Time:  Utilizing a hot air dryer that blows 29,250 cubic feet per minute of hot filtered air reduces total drying time for most weapons by 80% compared to other methods.

In addition to these benefits, other aspects of our cleaning technology are integrated to provide the best cleaning environment for most weaponry.  These other attributes include a cleaning detergent that is specifically chosen for weapon cleaning, as well as a rust prohibitor to protect the firearm from oxidization and other harsh elements.  In addition, the lubrication portion of the cleaning technology has been formulated for gun cleaning with both water displacement and low temperature properties.

Our products are made in America and have our full backing.  Ultrasonic Power Corporation provides the best warranty in the industry for this type of product.  If you ever have questions or concerns, you can speak directly with our staff that designed and built the system.  There is no middleman involved when it comes to addressing your concerns and questions.

We are excited to have this technology available for gun owners and will be exhibiting it at the 142nd National Rifle Association Annual Meeting from May 3rd to the 5th.  If you are at the meeting, please stop by Booth #5062 to visit with us and learn more about the Ultrasonic Gun Cleaning Technology.  We’ll be happy to tell you more and show you our product.