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Better Information Greater Efficiency: How Smarter Ultrasonic Cleaning Controls Can Increase Efficiency in Your Plant

ultrasonic power soinc touch

In business, there's simply no substitute for accurate information, and there's no doubt the mobile and digital revolution is changing the way teams work and interact with customers and suppliers. It's also changing options in industrial cleaning, making ultrasonic cleaners more effective and easier to use with controls that work with mobile technologies to provide information and receive instructions. That's why we introduced the Sonic Touch II, a control system designed to communicate with phones, tablets and facility networks. In fact, it can even automatically send you important updates via text or email. Let's take a look at four ways the information you receive from an advanced control system can make your operation more efficient.

Better information makes cleaning more effective

With the Sonic Touch II, you can monitor a wide array of data or record it via USB onto a flash drive for later use. A number of these data streams can help you ensure the items you're cleaning are not only spotless, but reach that condition via the least time and effort. For example, data from our patented Liquid Condition Sensor (LCS) will allow you to monitor the cavitation activity levels in your tank. The best cavitation results produce the best cleaning results. Other displays will show the frequency output of each ultrasonic generator and the accumulated power the generators have produced. In short, you'll always be able to know exactly what the operating condition of the unit is, monitoring it in real time if you wish.

Better information protects your investment

Ultrasonic cleaners are easy to use and maintain, but that doesn't mean they won't need protection from error or happenstance. The Sonic Touch II makes that protection easier. Not only are you able to know the condition of the transducers, generators, heating systems, pump and oil skimmer through the standard monitoring channels, the system will alarm in the case of generator power problems, low liquid level or liquid overheat. These alarms will be logged, and can also be transmitted to a device or network, ensuring they alert a supervisor immediately.

Better information makes maintenance easier

We've covered monitoring and recording data, and it should be obvious how valuable that data can be when you're troubleshooting or analyzing a potential problem. But what if your ultrasonic cleaner kept you updated via text or email? The Sonic Touch II will send problem alerts and scheduled maintenance reminders to supervisors at accounts you designate, and can even (if you choose) advise us at Ultrasonic Power Corporation. That means you'll never skip a regular maintenance procedure, and you'll know ASAP if any problem arises. That means more uptime, and a better bottom line.

Better information has a controlled flow

As you've been reading, you probably noticed we used language like can,‚ be able to,‚ and if you choose.‚ That's because in an age of information overload, it's important for you to be in control of what information is flowing to you and when. The ability to choose what you monitor and what alerts you receive (and how) ensures the data you collect will be the right data in the right form, data that helps you manage more effectively. In our next post, we'll look at how the latest advancements in controls for ultrasonic cleaners can make the processes in your plant more efficient.