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Automotive Cleaning: the Ultrasonic Advantage

One of the great things about buying a new car is that classic new car smell ‚ there is something about the never-been-used interior and shiny exterior that is only present when a car is fresh off the factory line. You might not think of the car as needing any cleaning when it is coming off of the assembly line, but you‚asd be mistaken ‚ before a car ever reaches the lot, it has already been thoroughly cleaned. After the engine parts are manufactured, there are all sorts of issues that require attention before a car can begin to be driven. As the parts for the engine leave the CNC machines they‚ are made by, they will have all kinds of metal shavings and chips that need to be removed ‚ the precision of a car engine can be disrupted by even the smallest remnant shard from the manufacturing process, and so a thorough cleaning must take place before the engine can be considered ready for the road. It is the same with re-manufactured parts you get from a distributor ‚ any part that is billed as‚ like new‚ most likely underwent ultrasonic cleaning to be restored as closely to the manufacturer, original part as possible. Similarly, when a classic car is restored, much more than the body and the interior is given attention ‚ a thorough examination and cleaning of the inner workings is also in order ‚ the more thorough the restoration, the more parts get cleaned. Carburetors, wheel plugs ‚ every nut and bolt on the car accumulates process wear, often grease or oil buildup as well, and each piece needs to be addressed to have a restored car functioning like new. This is the same for any repair shop ‚ when a faulty part needs to be diagnosed, the first step is often a cleaning from all of the various oils and greases encountered even with everyday use and wear. For each of these applications, the most thorough and quick option is an ultrasonic bath. Engines contain small cavities and crevices that can‚ast be reached with a brush. The benefit with ultrasonics is that each of those little cavities becomes, in effect, small ultrasonic tanks ‚ the acoustic energy propagates through the metal creating cavitation energy in those cavities that is as powerful as the energy outside the part. This provides for a cleaning that can reach more areas more quickly than alternate cleaning options. With units in many of the major automotive OEMs including Chrysler, Nissan, Toyota, and more, we at UPC are confident that our product not only works but works to the highest standards in the industry. Contact us today for more information about how ultrasonic technology can help your business.