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Auto Racing and the Precision Clean Advantage

Three, two, one‚ go! In the world of auto racing, driver skill, precision and speed are typically thought of as the most important criteria for successful races and winning. In Pro Stock racing, one of the most competitive forms, the car itself, with its many leading edge technology components, including the engine, provides the sustained competitive advantage over the course of a race. Race cars usually gain notice for their speed, bright colors, and advertisements painted on them, but what about the quality of the car parts? Racing enthusiasts and professionals often discuss the merits, advantages and disadvantages, for building and maintaining the winning race car. At Ultrasonic Power, we know from working with racing teams, they focus like a laser on the engine as a major component of the race car to assure the parts function flawlessly. All of these parts require higher-end cleaning results, and we have the ultrasonic technology to deliver. At Ultrasonic Power, we have designed precision ultrasonic cleaning systems to clean engine components and other vital parts. The ultrasonic cleaning system needs to be as technologically advanced as the race car engines, to achieve a cleanliness that arguably is more precise than original factory condition. In the racing industry, cleaning specifications are much higher, as even a tiny piece of debris can cause an engine failure. Therefore, the ultrasonic cleaning system must be powerful enough to reach into the tiniest of spaces on the engine parts and remove foreign objects and debris. Our ultrasonic cleaning systems deliver precise and measurable cleanliness, to one micron size, a cleanliness specification for complex geometries, utilizing a thorough mechanical scrubbing action. In the world of racing where the slightest advantage over competition is always sought, our cleaning systems deliver ultrasonic sound waves, vibrations that create millions of microscopic bubbles. In some cleaning applications, harsh chemicals formerly used in older cleaning methods can be substituted to improve the safety and health risk exposures when cleaning engines.

Cagnazzi uto Racing

Ultrasonic Power is no stranger to the auto racing industry‚ for years, we have partnered with racing teams, supplying them with our ultrasonic cleaning systems. We will continue to watch them race and win. We are pleased our ultrasonic cleaning systems can be a part of this exciting industry and be a competitive advantage keeping our customers' engines clean all the way to the finish line!