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7 Basic Concerns with Ultrasonic Cleaning; Part 1: Time

In our previous blog we talked about our, Vibra-bar‚ transducer module, which allows for an unmatched level of performance in ultrasonic cleaning. Our equipment is just one aspect to consider for successful cleaning. It is also important to consider what goes into the tank, and the product itself that is being cleaned. The same application--meaning the same process and chemistries involved-- can have different effects for different people and products. In short, there are many variables to consider. We like to break them down into seven basic concerns related to successful ultrasonic cleaning:

  • Time
  • Temperature
  • Chemistry
  • Proximity to the transducer/part fixture design
  • Ultrasonic output frequency
  • Watts per gallon
  • Loading ‚ the volume (configuration) of the part being cleaned

Each of these aspects plays an important role. Here, we‚asd like to focus on the first of the seven variables to consider: time. The fact is, there is no one typical cleaning time; cleaning times vary greatly. One must consider how dirty the part is, and how clean it must be. We normally start with a trial period, typically between two and 10 minutes, as very few parts are actually clean within just a few seconds. The time involved varies according to the specifics of the parts and cannot be looked at as universal. But this is what makes ultrasonic cleaning so effective‚ it involves many factors and variables, and is tailored to each unique need. Some parts may require multiple ultrasonic cleaning stages or even agitation to reach the desired level of cleaning. Our YouTube channel features a wide range of examples. In the few minutes it took to read this article you could have had a successful ultrasonic cleaning if you were using Ultrasonic Power Corporation products. If you have questions about your particular application, please feel free to get in contact with us and send in samples so we can determine the right course of action for you. In future posts, we will explore the six remaining variables to successful ultrasonic cleaning. The goal of our blogs is to develop an understanding of the various components that ensure good ultrasonic cleaning.