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3 Ways Ultrasonic Gun Cleaning is the Greenest Solution

There is an increased concern for reducing the negative impact on Mother Earth than there was just a few years ago. That means that only the greenest, cleanest, and most environmentally safe solutions are being used to prolong the life of our planet. You can find an increasing amount of people using solar energy, recycling, eliminating the use of fossil fuels, and more just to be greener. But what about the way you clean? If you own a shop with multiple guns, or just are in charge of cleaning an array of firearms, you need to find a method of cleaning that is both efficient and environmentally friendly. With Ultrasonic Gun Cleaning, you can accomplish both these tasks. Ultrasonic technology and the cleaning detergents used in our tanks are both proven to be eco-friendly options for your cleaning needs.


When experimenting with chemical cleaners for any reason, it is a concern as to whether or not what you are using could be harmful to the environment. After all, you want to be able to recycle back any water and cleaner you use, and be assured it is safe to do so. Fortunately, you do not need to have such fear with the detergents used in ultrasonic cleaning. The chemicals that are used in the ultrasonic cleaning systems are mostly nontoxic and biodegradable. Check with local municipalities on disposal. The making of some chemical cleaners can often times be harmful to the environment, releasing toxic fumes into the air, and sometimes generating greenhouse gasses. Ultrasonic cleaners use no such chemicals, and are as safe as any cleaning chemicals you may find at home.


You will find that even the technology behind ultrasonic cleaners has made great strides in eco-friendly cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaners have been recognized by organizations and government agencies alike for the superior method of cleaning through immense, non-abrasive scrubbing action, instead of relying on toxic chemicals alone. In most cases, ultrasonic cleaners are a smart investment for any business, as they provide some of the most delicate cleaning of any product out there. Not only for gun cleaning, ultrasonic cleaners have been used to clean manufactured parts, automotive and aircraft materials, and medical and musical instruments alike.


Such powerful cleaning must come at a cost, right? Certainly the energy to support such a machine is where the real problem is. Well, actually, ultrasonic cleaners are fairly efficient when it comes to use of electricity. Overall, the whole machine runs entirely on electricity but uses much less compared to other cleaning systems. As well, with the production of electricity becoming greener all the time through such methods as solar or wind energy, ultrasonic cleaners are ahead of the game. Through the speed of an ultrasonic cleaner cleaning equipment, as well as the lack of big power-sucking‚ pumps (like other cleaning machines), electricity is being saved through the efficiency of ultrasonic technology.