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3 Reasons Why Made In The USA Matters when Choosing an Ultrasonic Cleaner

Made In USA

We don't have to tell you that more than ever before, the products we use ‚ from sneakers to jumbo jets ‚ are manufactured outside the United States, or assembled here from foreign parts. You may even assemble off-shored parts in your facility, or you might be reading this article on a phone built in China or South Korea. Does it really matter whether your ultrasonic cleaner is made in the USA? In fact, where your ultrasonic cleaner is manufactured can affect everything from the basic quality to your customer service experience. Giving our customers the best product we can deliver is why we make 100% USA designed and manufactured products right here in Freeport, Illinois. Here are three solid reasons nothing beats American made:


Some of our competitors gather components from far flung regions of the world and assemble them here in the States; others use offshoring for the entire build. We choose to build here with 100% American-sourced materials because it gives us control over every aspect of the manufacturing process. This allows us to ensure this process ‚ and the equipment it produces ‚ follow a consistent standard of quality. That's not to say foreign suppliers can't provide good quality. But each offshore component brings with it not just that subcontractor, but all the suppliers and service providers they themselves depend on. Each new link in the chain is a new degree of separation between you and the necessary resources to build your equipment, and the separation is increased by differences in time zone, standards, geography, etc. If one of the links is weak, the manufacturer has to struggle through all that in order to fix the problem. That's why even the best offshore components seldom match the quality of domestic ones. Instead, our process is completely under our oversight. We ensure quality not with a promise from a distant subcontractor, but with our own eyes on the products as they are built.


We have great employees, and we doubt we have to sing the praises of the American worker to you. Yet, we're not speaking just about the skill of our people but about the connectedness of our people. Think about how the ease of instant communication has made our world smaller. Now imagine how small the world‚ your ultrasonic cleaner is made in will be when all the action takes place in a single facility. The same person who helped you choose or design your cleaner is in an office just a short walk from the team that will assemble it, and he or she works with them every day. No hitch can develop from differences in time zones, languages or location. The whole team is on the same page at all times.


Even the customer care you receive after the sale can be affected by offshoring. Imagine a component fails in your ultrasonic cleaner. If it was built using foreign components, the nearest one might be in a container on a ship somewhere. In our case, your part is on a shelf in Freeport and we are generally able to ship them overnight. The turnaround time for requesting and receiving a part from us might actually be shorter than the time it takes another manufacturer to receive an initial response from their subcontractor on a different continent. Again, the small world‚ of our single American facility means that there's no need to pass information back and forth between different organizations. That means you get your need satisfied in short order ‚ on your schedule, not Shanghai's. Our All-American manufacturing process allows us to deliver ultrasonic cleaners that are so dependable that we recently increased the length of our warranty by three years. If you want to learn more about how some of our customers reduced costs and delivered a cleaner product with our highly reliable products, click here to learn about Ushers Machine and Tool or download Ultrasonics to the Rescue, a case study of the results seen by Componex.