Ultrasonic Power that is Made in the U.S.A

American manufacturers are truly embracing the idea of an American manufacturing renaissance. According to Martin Baily and Barry Bosworth of the Brookings Institution, who were recently quoted in The Atlantic, “American manufacturing is on the verge of dramatic change…major revolutions are underway in energy, robotics, materials, and applied information technology.”

As an American manufacturer, Ultrasonic Power Corporation is proud to be a part of this manufacturing revolution in the industrial heartland of North America. All of our products are designed, machined, and manufactured in the U.S. Our ultrasonic cleaning technology is built with the highest quality for our customers. We will be showcasing our ultrasonic equipment, including our Gunsonic™ system, at this year’s NRA Annual Meeting, which is being held April 25th-April 27th in Indianapolis.

Gunsonic systemOur Gunsonic™ system is an ultrasonic cleaning system meant for gun applications; the HG 1206 model is suitable for hand guns, and the LG 3606 model is applicable for long guns, machine guns, and rifles. Proper gun cleaning is essential to the effectiveness of the weapon; typical cleaning tends to take a lot of time. The Gunsonic™ system utilizes our environmentally-friendly and water-based solution, our Vibra-bar® technology, and our Simultaneous Multi-frequency® technology to compress and expand the liquid for the proper ultrasonic cleaning, removing any residue in a matter of minutes. You can watch our technology in action in our ultrasonic gun cleaning video.

The NRA meeting is not only an event where we can showcase how our Gunsonic™ equipment is applicable for the military, gun clubs, shooting ranges, and private owners, but it is also an opportunity to highlight our Made in America ultrasonic cleaning technology for a multitude of applications, including manufacturing. If you’re going to be attending the NRA meeting, make sure to stop by our booth, #3254, and see for yourself how our ultrasonic equipment can handle all of your cleaning needs.

Ultrasonic Power for the Music Industry

Classical. Jazz. Rock. Country. Instrumental. No matter what genre is your preference, music is certainly something that brings people together. Behind every great musical piece is an instrument, or group of instruments—they can be anything from trumpets and trombones to flutes and saxophones. It is these brass instruments that we pay most attention to in the musical field.

Brass instrumentsIt all started twelve years ago when we partnered with a music repair shop in Chicago. Together, we researched and performed multiple trials before developing our ultrasonic cleaning system designed specifically for washing brass musical instruments. Prior to this, instruments had been cleaned through plastic drums or even in bathtubs using harsh acid chemicals. Now, we offer a safer and faster way to clean them: our systems utilize environmentally-friendly detergents and our proven ultrasonic cleaning method to thoroughly rinse and clean the instruments. How exactly does it work? Submerge your brass instruments into the tank for 2-5 minutes and watch, as you can in this trumpet cleaning video, how the ultrasonic energy produces microscopic cavitation bubbles that thoroughly clean the instruments.

As members of NAPBIRT (National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians, Inc.), we are excited to attend the association’s annual conference, which is being held in Portland, Oregon from April 4th-7th. Here, we will have the opportunity to meet with repair techs from throughout the country, many of whom are our current customers, in order to share information and showcase our ultrasonic cleaning system for these music applications.

Whether you will also be attending the NAPBIRT conference or you’re simply interested in our ultrasonic cleaning systems for your brass instruments, please make sure to contact us and utilize our music location list for those stores using our systems nearest you. We are here to make sure your instruments hit the perfect, and cleanest, notes every time!