It’s Music to Your Instrument Tech’s Ears

As any musician will tell you, keeping their instrument clean and in top working order is vital to the integrity of the performance, and for the longevity of the instrument – neglected instruments, or those that are cared for rarely or poorly won’t perform well, and won’t last as long.  Here at Ultrasonic Power Corp, we do a lot of business with various musical instrument manufacturing and repair companies, and with school music programs, because they have seen enormous benefits using our technology for their cleaning processes for brass and woodwind instruments.  One current example of our involvement in the industry is our participation in the annual Texas Bandmasters Convention, which began yesterday, and ends Wednesday – If you’re here, stop by booth #2101 and say hello!  We’d love to talk to you, and to tell you more about our cleaning solutions for your band.

As we mentioned in our previous blog, there are certain safety benefits to using ultrasonics – specifically for instrument cleaning applications, using ultrasonic eliminates the need to use harsh chemicals in the cleaning process, which has a double benefit: the risk to the repair technician is eliminated, as they no longer have to handle harsh chemicals, and the musician is also no longer at risk of ingesting any leftover chemical dip residue that could potentially reside on instruments after a chemical cleaning process. Additionally, the cleaning time is dramatically reduced – with a chemical cleaning, the process can take more than an hour, but with ultrasonics, a range of about 2-5 minutes is standard.

One of our clients, Adam Martinez, was particularly happy with his purchase.  Adam is the manager at High School Music Service in San Antonio, a local music store and repair/restoration center for local musicians and schools.  He recently purchased a 90 gallon unit from us, and hasn’t looked back.   His previous cleaning process, which included degreasing, a chemical dip, and a final manual brushing, has been totally reorganized:  The chemical dip, which had a tendency to damage the lacquer finish on some instruments has been eliminated.  The degreasing is no longer necessary.  The need for manual brushing has been eliminated.  In short, his cleaning time has been cut in half, and he no longer has to spend money on the chemical cleaners, or worry about regulations for their disposal.

As a general rule, ultrasonic cleaning is safe and effective for all types of brass, nickel, and other metal instruments.  Repair technicians will know the details of other instruments or parts of instruments that can also be cleaned with ultrasonics – things like clarinet keys, and other woodwinds.  Individual instruments will have different levels of disrepair, or other anomalies that technicians will be able to ascertain.

Taking care of musical instruments is important, and we’re glad we can offer a great solution to our customers.  If you’re curious to find out more, our website has a lot of good information, and feel free to contact us via phone, email, or social media to talk specifics with our experts.  We hope to hear from you!

Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology – Benefiting Business by Protecting People, Property and Environment

Ultrasonic Power Corporation has a long history of technological leadership associated with precision industrial cleaning applications. The use of ultrasonic cleaning technology yields proven benefits; including improved financial performance, increased productivity, positive brand reputation, superior safety, health and workplace environment performance, and higher employee satisfaction.  A long-term delivery of value from use of UPC’s patented cleaning technology, generators and transducers, is the improvement and sustaining of a manufacturing process that has a safer work environment and by extension prevents workplace incidents. Exposure risks to hazardous chemical cleaning processes typically used can be reduced or eliminated by using ultrasonic cleaning technology. In fact, UPC has replaced all risk-filled chemical solutions once used for cleaning with its own ultrasonic cleaning equipment in manufacturing processes. Today, UPC uses only bio-degradable cleaning solutions coupled with its ultrasonic cleaning equipment.

An important benefit from this manufacturing process change has yielded improved team members’ safety and health performance. Today, UPC is enjoying an impressive safety record of more than 3,658 days without an OSHA Recordable Incident. UPC continues to emphasize protecting people, property and the environment through its many internal initiatives and relationships with outside organizations such as the National Safety Council and the American Society of Safety Engineers. In fact, our Co-CEO, Michael Thompson, CSP, is a past president for the 37,000 member American Society of Safety Engineers, whose annual professional development conference brings tens of thousands of safety professionals together for education, and to discuss new and innovative products and services. National leaders from the United States, Canada and Mexico recognize the importance of safety and health in the workplace and impact of their respective economy and each year organize NAOSH, North American Occupational Safety and Health week during the first full week of May. We are also just a few days out of June, which was declared National Safety Month by the National Safety Council – but we think that every day should be a safe day!  All this provides a fitting backdrop for a discussion on the safety-specific merits of ultrasonic technology, and how they could help your employees, the environment, and your bottom line.

Whatever part you’re cleaning, whether it’s a gun, greasy engine parts, a smoke-damaged electronic device, or less-than-shiny trombone, traditionally that cleaning involves different toxic cleaning chemicals and solvents.  With any hazardous materials come several complicating factors – personal protective equipment (PPE) for proper handling and application, safety training standards, Safety Data Sheets (SDS) documentation, environmental disposal permits, and emergency procedures for spill or incident response.  From the perspective of employee health risk exposure, ultrasonic technology improves processes by eliminating risk exposure to toxic chemicals, and eliminating the risk of contamination, or spill incidents.  Ultrasonic cleaning technology is more “green” as for this reason – no more use of harsh chemicals and solvents or potentially improper or unsafe disposal.

If your business involves chemical cleaning, one safety consideration you should investigate is an investment in ultrasonic cleaning technology. Do the numbers, the Return on Investment for an ultrasonic solution can be impressive. Consider safety a value in your business ROI, as we do here at UPC and contact us today for more information about our safe and effective ultrasonic cleaning technology solutions.