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Automated Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems

Ultrasonic Power Corporation offers high-performing automated ultrasonic cleaning systems that combine heavy-duty construction with high-tech control to deliver an extraordinary level of cleanliness.

Ultrasonic Power Corporation’s automated ultrasonic cleaning systems utilize advanced ultrasonic wash systems, cutting-edge spray over immersion rinse systems and state-of-the-art hot air dryer systems.

Automated Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems - UPA 1114 - 6 gallon 

Ultrasonic Power Corporation’s automated ultrasonic cleaning systems also are:

  • Solidly constructed. Frames built of rugged, expandable 80/20 modular aluminum for maximum flexibility
  • Easy to maintain. Tanks and components can be removed and replaced in minutes
  • Easy to operate. Systems are designed to be operated by a single person
  • Utilize cutting-edge technology, including UPC's patented 5400 ultrasonic generators, exclusive Vibra-bar® transducers, and Sonic Touch® II HMI control system

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 Need something larger? Let us design an automated system with standard sizes (39, 90, 135, 204 gallons) or custom tanks to meet your needs.

 UP 5424 Automated SWRRD System 135 Gallon Ultrasonic Wash, Rinse and Dry

Built to last 

Ultrasonic Power Corporation’s automated ultrasonic cleaning systems have rugged, expandable 80/20 modular aluminum frames for maximum flexibility. The automated systems can be easily modified to meet your current and future needs.

Perfect product for you 

Ultrasonic Power Corporation’s automated ultrasonic cleaning systems can be used by a wide variety of industries.

FAQs. Have questions? Here are your answers

  • How does an automated ultrasonic cleaning system work?

    • An automated overhead carrier passes standard baskets through various cleaning stages. Basket positioners and sensors load and unload stations Sonic Touch®II - a highly-advanced HMI system developed by Ultrasonic Power Corporation – controls the system.
  • What is Sonic Touch®II?

    • Sonic Touch II is a multifunctional digital panel for controlling and viewing system functions like time, temperature, 7-day heat time, pump and filter, ultrasonic intensity, low liquid level and the SOVI® diagnostic system. Sonic Touch®II also adds “Open Technologies” which includes functions like text messaging and e-mail. This provides the unique ability to constantly monitor the system and send alerts to a supervisor or even the manufacturer (if desired) for scheduled maintenance or troubleshooting.

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