"Our Technology, Your Solution"

Multi-stage Automated Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems


Impressive Features

  • Simple design using off-the-shelf technology
  • 80/20 frame allows flexibility and ease to meet current and future needs
  • Maintenance friendly - tanks and components can be removed and replaced in minutes
  • Designed for single person operation
  • Simple design allows pricing to meet your budgeting goals
  • Sonic Touch® II HMI control system includes VNC technology allowing iOS or Android control and monitoring
  • Includes UPC's newly patented LCS cavitation measuring/ monitoring system
  • Includes UPC's patented 5400 ultrasonic generators and exclusive Vibra-bar® transducers which provide Simultaneous Multi-frequency® for superior high performance cleaning
  • Includes the SOVI® diagnostic system
  • Many sizes and configurations are available
  • UPC's commitment to quality is reflected by our industry leading 10-5-2 Warranty
  • Designed and built in Freeport, Illinois USA by Ultrasonic Power Corporation

Pricing Information