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 Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems
* All systems now TUV certified to UL and CSA standards
                    Over 40 years of service

 Superior Vibra-bar® Technology
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 Simultaneous Multi-Frequency®
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The Industry Leader That Sets The Standard For Manufacturing Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment

Large Console Ultrasonic Cleaner
Large Console Systems
Ultrasonic Cleaner Bench Tops with separate Generators
"H" Series Bench
Top Systems
Ultrasonic Bench Tops with built in generators - Ultrasonic Power Corporation
"SE" Series Bench Top
Ultrasonic Musical Instrument Cleaning System

Brass Instrument Cleaning
Gunsonic Ultrasonic Gun Cleaning System

Gun Cleaners
Ultrasonic Flow Through Reactor Systems
Ultrasonic Flow-through
Ultrasonic Immersible Transducers
Ultrasonic Cleaner Generator
Ultrasonic Tank Bottoms

Transducers Bonded
to Tanks Bottoms and Plates
Ultrasonic Cleaning Detergents
Ultrasonic Cleaning
Pre-Engineered - Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems
Ultra-Glide Ultrasonic Gantry Systems

Ultra-Glide™ Gantry Systems
Inside Business- Ultrasonic Cleaners

Ultrasonic Power Corporation on Inside Business

Special of The Month                                        
    Ultrasonic Musical Instrument Cleaning System                                                       
 39 gallon - "Tenor"
Advanced Cleaning System
Special of The Month
Ultrasonic Cleaning System - Model 4822
Model 7028 Advanced 204 gallon Ultrasonic Cleaning System
News & Event 

UPC at the MRO Show- April 14-16, 2015 - Booth 4537
UPC at the NRA Show- April 9-12, 2015 - Booth 3232
 UPC at NAPBIRT Confrence- April 10-14, 2015
2014 NAPBIRT Conference - Ultrasonic Power Corp

 UPC at the NAMM Show - Anaheim - January 22-25, 2015


Biodeisel Tech Article...
Ultrasonic Flow-through Reactor

UPC’s industry leading generators earn TUV Rheinland certification...
TUV Certified Ultrasonic Cleaning Generator


UPC introduces 5400 Series generator...
Ultrasonic Cleaning Generator

UPC introduces Sonic Touch...
Sonic Touch with SOVI technology








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