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 Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems
* All systems now TUV certified to UL and CSA standards
                    Over 40 years of service

 Superior Vibra-bar® Technology
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 Simultaneous Multi-Frequency®
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The Industry Leader That Sets The Standard For Manufacturing Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment

Large Console Ultrasonic Cleaner
Large Console Systems
Ultrasonic Cleaner Bench Tops with separate Generators
"H" Series Bench
Top Systems
Ultrasonic Bench Tops with built in generators - Ultrasonic Power Corporation
"SE" Series Bench Top
Ultrasonic Musical Instrument Cleaning System

Brass Instrument Cleaning
     LG 3606 Gunsonic Ultrasonic Cleaning System      

  Ultrasonic Gun Cleaners
Ultrasonic Flow Through Reactor Systems
Ultrasonic Flow-through
Ultrasonic Immersible Transducers
Ultrasonic Cleaner Generator
Ultrasonic Tank Bottoms

Transducers Bonded
to Tanks Bottoms and Plates
Ultrasonic Cleaning Detergents
Ultrasonic Cleaning
Pre-Engineered - Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems
Ultra-Glide Ultrasonic Gantry Systems

Ultra-Glide™ Gantry Systems
Inside Business- Ultrasonic Cleaners

Ultrasonic Power Corporation on Inside Business

Ultrasonic Transducers                            

 All Ultrasonic Power Corporation systems feature our unique “Simultaneous Multi-Frequency®” utilizing “Vibra-Bar®” transducers. We permanently attach our “Vibra-Bar” transducers to the underside of the radiating surface using a proprietary process that insures long term reliability. This bond is guaranteed for ten (10) years. The unique construction of the Vibra-Bar provides complex resonance of 40-90 kHz, which produces Ultrasonic Power Corporation’s patented “Simultaneous Multi-Frequency®", thus virtually eliminating undesirable standing waves.                           

 Ultrasonic Generators                        

 Each of Ultrasonic Power Corporation’s generator features our patented modulation sweep and power intensity control technology. The power intensity control maximizes the cleaning unit’sflexibility to clean small delicate items or large bulk items. Our generators use solid state circuitry backed by 20 years of field proven reliability. Ultrasonic Power Corporation’s generators provide consistent, predictable ultrasonic cleaning power throughout the cleaning bath. This proven design provides a constant output power even as the solution temperature or load volume increases.
The Industry Leader That Sets The Standard For Manufacturing Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment
Every ultrasonic cleaning system features heavy duty, all stainless steel construction. The solid, sturdy structure and high tech design make ourultrasonic parts washers the best in the business. We manufacture standard systems from one to 204 gallons, designed to handleultrasonic cleaning parts in a variety of shapes and sizes. We also design and manufacture custom systems for unique applications and can provide components to convert or upgrade an existing tank. Whether you need a system to clean bearings or ceramics, ophthalmic precision lenses or mechanical manufacturing assemblies, we have a system that provides you with results. Our precision designed systems feature the equipment your company requires for simply the bestultrasonic cleaners. When you require an ultrasonic parts washing system that provides your company with results, you need to talk to Ultrasonic Power Corporation. From weapons cleaning to medical parts cleaning, we have the precision cleaning system you need.  

Ultrasonic Power Corporation is the industry leader in the field of ultrasonic cleaning equipment featuring the most up to date precision cleaning technology. We set the standard for manufacturing the highest quality, most powerful, and most efficient ultrasonic cleaning equipment available. From automotive fuel injector nozzles to hard drive components, our precision cleaning systems provide you with the versatility, convenience and cleanliness levels your business depends on.
Since 1972, our company has provided ultrasonic parts cleaner featuring the latest cleaning components and technology. We build cleaning equipment for thousands of precision cleaning applications around the world. Our customers have used our equipment to wash everything from aircraft brakes to carbide cutting tools to analox rolls. Perfect for uses as varied as washing hybrid microelectronic circuits to cleaning stainless steel filters, our systems are designed to fit your every need. As the most trusted precision industrial ultrasonic cleaner manufacturer in the world, our company manufactures the most electrically efficient generators and transducers available for use in today’s modern ultrasonic cleaners. Our exclusive
Vibra-bar® transducer technology providesSimultaneous Multi-frequency® for superior cleaning.

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39 Gallon Tenor Ultrasonic Cleaning System
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UPC at  the Wisconsin Manufacturing & Technology Show- October 6-8, 2015 - Booth 631

UPC at  the Midwest Clinic- December 16-19, 2015 - Booth 439


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