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Ultrasonic Gun Cleaning Systems

GunSonicTM - The Ultimate in Ultrasonic Gun Cleaning Technology

Complete ultrasonic gun cleaning and lubrication system for all of your weapons cleaning needs


Ultrasonic cleaning - 3-5 minutes LG 3606 Gunsonic Ultrasonic Cleaner
Water rinse - 1 minute
Hot air blower dry - 2 minutes
Ultrasonic lubrication - 1 minute
Drip dry or hot air dry


More thorough cleaning- cleans down to one micron cleanliness level
Shorter cleaning times- 3-5 minutes for most weapons
Less handling- allows the user to perform other functions while cleaning is in process
Lubrication tank design uses ultrasonic energy allowing complete coverage in every crack and crevasse
Cleaning detergent is specifically chosen for weapon cleaning and includes a rust prohibitor
Lubrication is specially formulated for gun cleaning with water displacement and low temperature properties

Hot air dryer - 29,250 cubic feet per minute of hot filtered air - cuts drying time by 80%


All stainless steel - ensures many years of trouble free performance
Patented Vibra-bar® technology - the most advanced transducer design in the industry
Simultaneous Multi-frequency® technology - provides the highest performance of any system
UP-SweepTM Technology - eliminates standing waves and provides a safe cleaning environment for all gun surfaces
Best warranty in the industry - you talk directly to our support staff who designed and built the system
Made in America by Ultrasonic Power Corporation - we support our systems

Two sizes to choose from - HG 1206 for handguns - LG 3606 for rifles


Cleaning tank and generator
Stainless steel basket
Stainless steel lid
Stainless steel lubrication tank

Supply of Cleaning detergent

Supply of Lubricant

Hot air dryer

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